Saturday, September 14, 2013


Now that autumn is here, I had to bring some freshness into my mori-inspired wardrobe :) Actually I don't really like mori-style like the way they usually wear it, but I love some elements of it. Since the weather is colder and the colors are less vibrant in fashion as well, I found some really lovely garments at our local second-hand store and I'm really happy with them! I share with you some of my favourites, not all of them are new, but I love them the most :)

Absolutely my favourite piece! I almost left it in the store because I thought that it looks like a short wedding dress, but I'm happy I didn't! With a nice brown or beige belt on the waist and with floral tights it's just amazing! The sleeves are really loose and ethereal, it looks like an angel dress :)

Nice chiffon blouse with lovely lace details. Sadly my skin doesn't really like chiffon, but it's so nice that I have to wear it anyway :)

I was wearing it with this outfit and I really liked it with this high-waist skirt: lookbook link

It's one of the newest part of my family and I was really surprised that I found something like this in a secondhand shop. It will work very nicely with my lolita wardrobe too! :)

 It's not a new piece in my wardrobe but still my favourite cardigan. I love all the details and the coziness that it gives~~~

I bought it some months ago and I'm still trying to get used to it. It looks so lovely but it's really tight and not so comfortable :( But one day I'll fit in it, and be happy! :D It's the only piece in this post that is not from a secondhand store :)

Absolutely the most interesting piece that I found lately. It seems big but with a belt it's just perfect. I love loose things, they just fly around me :) And there are so many different type of lace on it, it's just perfect!

I hope you enjoyed it and I hope there's more to come soon ;))) Though the weather could be a bit less rainy...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Good bye summer

Summer is definetely my favourite season but I'm ready for warm tights, leg warmers, cute hats & scarves, hot chocolate, hoodies and coziness!