Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The stars arrived

Awww, I'm so happy! Just before the photoshooting, the buttons finally arrived! They are so cute :)) Let's work!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween meet-up

I was (and still am) ill, so we postponed our Halloween party with my friends, but today we had our annual Halloween lolita meet-up, and I felt a little better, so I decided that I shouldn't miss it! :) We got ready together with Lulu and ZombieYanos (lol, you're still Kriszti for me! :)) at our place and my Dad took us to the teahouse (and my Mom took us back). Aww, thank you :) It was so cold today, so I'm happy that we didn't have to walk.

Following the dress-code, we had to wear something unusual. I didn't succeed :D although I borrowed this lovely sailor loli dress from Nana. It's amazingly cute with the little seahorses on it, so it was a perfect outfit change with Nana for my pirate loli skirt for today, thank you! :) But to tell you the truth it wasn't so unusual for me... Sailor lolita style is somewhere between sweet and classic and I wear both of them a lot. And the others were more... hmmm how should I say it... halloween-y! :)

But anyways I really enjoyed it! I met lots of the girls a long time ago, so I was happy being there with them again. I hope I can post some more photos soon. Sadly the batteries in my camera discharged so I took only a few.

Thank you for organizing it, Nana, it was fun as always! And thanks for my parents to help us to get there and back :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Before a busy weekend

On Monday I went to roller skate with my best friend from primary school :) We live very close to each other again, yay! After rollerskating, we sat down on their stairs and talked for hours. It was fun, and I'm happy that we met again, but actually it wasn't a good idea... it was freezing cold, and for the next day I got fever and since then I'm dying from a cold :D But I said that I'll post something happier, so forget about my cold! :)

I was working in the past few days to get ready for my photoshooting, and I'm happy with the result - but there's still so much to do. But today I'll go to the city at last! I have a rendez-vous with some of my friends ;) I hope I won't infect them, I'm a biological weapon :D

And it will be a busy weekend too! We'll have a Halloween party on Saturday, and a lolita meet-up on Sunday! Tonight I'll plan my outfits~~ I'm so excited :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

One month

I came home exactly a month ago. I still don't really find my place here :S I'm working, and meeting with my friends, but something isn't right, I need something more. Maybe everything will be better around Christmas ;) But I don't want to complain, so next time I'll post something happier, I promise!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

That never happened before

OMG, 2 months! That really never happened before. I'm shocked. Okay, I'm working, but hey, drawing is my favourite thing! Maybe that's the reason why I feel so depressed nowadays. There's so many emotions left inside me, I have to draw them out ^^"

Monday, October 15, 2012

Petite Étoile fabrics

I'm sooooo excited! Today I went to buy fabrics with my mom's help to complete my children's clothing collection (CCC :)) for the photoshooting at the beginning of november. I spent a lot of money, but I'm really happy and excited, because I found so many lovely fabrics! *_* I show you some of them:

 Homewear collection. They will be so cute with the 'printed' T-shirts :) And the stars on the black one are glowing in the dark, perfect for pajamas!!

Autumn-colored collection. I especially love the cats, but sadly it's a really expensive japanese fabric, so I don't have much.

Christmas collection. Lovely elegant ladies :)

And last but not least: the fabric for my Harley Quinn cosplay, yaaay! :) The red one is more red in real life, only the flash made it shine like this.

So now I really have to work, there are no excuses :D Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My parents...

...are the best :) Last week I was talking with my mom for hours after dinner, and I told her that I've never got any spontaneous present without any reason, and it would be nice sometimes. I wasn't complaining, we were just talking about something and I mentioned this. And today my dad came home after work and he said that 'I heard that you like spontaneous presents, so here you are' and I got a new earphone (the last one was a cheap thingy) and an internet cable, because the connection is not the best in this part of the room :) Thank you Mom for gossiping and thank you Dad for the presents :D

BEST weekend since I came home

Best weekend with my bestie :) (the urban dictionary explanation is so funny, click on the word 'bestie' :)) I have to admit that these were the first days when I was totally happy all day and I just didn't have time to miss my boyfriend like I usually do.

It all started on Thursday evening, when I found a post on Facebook about a cookie&cuteness themed catwalk, and we made a last minute entry online with Lulu. We got in, and spent the whole Saturday morning preparing for the contest in our sweetest lolita outfits! :) We were really excited about the event, and it was worth the effort because WE WON the 2nd prize!! Approximately 100-110 Euros in shopping vouchers to every hungarian H&M and Deichmann stores :) We were so surprised when they said that two girls won together - and we immediately knew, that we are the two girls together :D It was so much fun! And we won even a free cake and drink as well! :)

We came home still stunned about how they loved our outfit although in Budapest people usually say evil things about lolita - and we made some photos in our garden with the help of my sis. I really missed this blue dress since I sold it to Lulu, so I was really happy that she lent it to me, thank you! :)

We were really tired so we made a coffee for ourselves and we watched the latest Big Bang Theory episode while drinking the coffee, I really enjoyed it together :) After that we were talking till late, so we decided that Lulu will sleep at our place, it was like when we were teenagers! :)

In the morning we decided that we will try to spend our prize :D Lulu was successful in H&M and I bought a lovely blue bag in Deichmann. Even my mom said that she wants to borrow it sometimes :D

For the first time in our lives I guess we were at the right place, on the right time ;) *Luckyyy*

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sugarshop and my new room

Yesterday was a loooong day. When I woke up, I started to rearrange my room with my mom's and sister's help. It was really tiring and it felt sooo weird because I spent my whole life in a way too colorful and childish room. I removed all of my posters and printed pictures from the wall, and now it seems so peaceful but a bit empty... Yeah, you know, I really loved Digimon, Pirates of the Carribean, etc, but as I'm 23 years old, it seems a bit odd to sleep in a room with a huge Johnny Depp poster on the wall with tousands of colorful creatures smiling around him :D The only thing that I still love a lot is Detective Conan, but now these anime posters just don't fit in the style of the room, so I removed them as well :S

Afternoon I met with some of my old friends, Mimi, (her friend), Ibu and Mizu and we went to Sugar!Shop which is a hungarian designer pastry shop. I had a Mickey Mouse-shaped 'cake'! Omnomnom~~ *_* It was fun to meet the girl after a long time :)

Today I wanted to finish my room. Well, I did, but there are still some tiny things to do (e.g. I borrowed a Castle Neuschwanstein poster from my sis and I need to hang it). And to take the huge packages to the attic and take out the garbage - and then it will be perfect! I post some photos of how it looks at the moment. It would be nicer if I would use the pink floral bedding  :(

Pink corner of the bed
Grey corner of the bed

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday in the city

Yesterday was a fun day - but my legs still hurt. :) At first I went to school. Yep, me. To school.  :) I was talking with a fashion designer class about my adventures and experiences in Paris and showed them my graduation work and diploma thesis. I really enjoyed it (as I always enjoy when I can talk about my life :D) and they were really interested and curious.

After that I met with Nekohime, it was fun, we met for the last time ages ago! We went for a little girly shopping and had lunch in a KFC. I bought a chocolate brown dress (to match my lovely brown hiking boots) and a long blue cardigan with white stripes, yaaay ^_^ I know that I should stop shopping, but it makes me happy while I'm waiting for my boyfriend... please come back soon, I really need you! :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Please move, I have to work :)

I decided that today will be a work-all-day day so I started to cut the pieces from the new fabrics that I bought (and got) yesterday, when SOMEONE said that it's not a good idea, because today has to be a play-with-me-all-day day :)

Usually he doesn't come into my working room, and he won't be allowed ever again, because he sits on every expensive thing and I know that cats are clean, but not that much... and not to mention that he scratched me while we were playing! Bad boy~ But he is just too cute, isn't he? :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Memories of Summer 2012

As many of you know, I've been to lots of places this year. I studied and worked from last september till this june in Paris, then I travelled with my parents in France, Monaco and Italy, and after that I visited my boyfriend in the US. To remember all of the lovely places, I started collecting snow globes. I don't have so much so far, but here you are, my collection:
Mont Saint Michel, Monte Carlo (sorry Monte Carlo, we can't see you on the photo), San Francisco, Yellowstone (present from my boyfriend), Los Angeles, Paris, Las Vegas, New Mexico - and Gábor already bought me one in New York, and one in Washington DC, yaaay *_* If I could go back in time, and buy one in every city I've visited... :)

On Friday I painted my wall. White, boring, I know, but at least it's nice now, we painted it for the last time 16 years ago :D So as it successfully dried yesterday, I put my favourite photos of the US on it. It's kind of sad, because I miss Gábor a lot, but happy at the same time because we had such a fun time there! <3
Now I'm sure that I won't forget the best summer of my life - so far ;)

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Do you know Lookbook? I've seen it several times back then, but I didn't really understand how does it work, so I simply forgot about it... and now I rediscovered it again, and it's my new obsession :D If you have an account, let me know ;) And I have a lookbook widget here on the side as well! *_*

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Here again

I officially moved back to Blogspot! Yaaaaay~~ ^_^ I copied my posts from Tumblr, so now you can find all of them in one place. I hope I'll get more followers here and maybe more comments, so feel free to comment in any language! ;)


Hivatalosan is átköltöztem ide:
Nem bírok egy helyen megmaradni soha :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I really think that I have to move to another place where the weather is always sunny. I feel so down now that summer ended... I especially hate winter, but fall is just the way to get there, so I'm already afraid.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Last days of summer

Two days ago we went for a walk in the forest with my lolita friends. I really missed my boyfriend, because he was there on every big lolita meet-up with me in the last 2 years... but actually it was fun! I was happy to meet an old friend, we talked a lot and I hope we will be close friends again :)

Skirt: Petite Étoile (aka handmade by me ;))
Blouse: Bodyline (except the sleeves. They're from taobao - don't remember the brand)
Bows: H&M
Hat: Petite Étoile
Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (Pony in Sweet Dreams)
Shoes: Claire's

I especially loved my skirt, because I bought the fabric back then in the USA. It was fun to sew it, and I really enjoyed to make the little buttons on the front as well :D I'm really happy that I partly turned into a classic lolita, I always felt so uncomfortable in too sweet clothes... I know it suits me because of my long light hair and stupid but happy smile (:D), but I prefer classic! I also want to try the sailor style, and I hope I can make a nice outfit for Halloween if Nana helps me ;)