Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas-time at home

So we have 3 christmas trees at home: one in our livingroom, one in my sister and her husband's livingroom and one in my parents' livingroom. Not to mention the livingroom of Mr. Mouse's parents :)

This year we chose a smaller tree for my parents, but my Dad still had a terrible time to carve the tree into the stand. Next year I guess we'll buy a tall tree, but an artificial one! My Mum loves the real ones and so our cats because of the smell, but there's so much work with it, so it's easier to have a nice artificial tree.

I dressed Ariel to their velvet dress, and now she matches the tree perfectly because we decorated it traditionally with red globes. I made a lots of photos, and this one is my favourite!

I was also wearing my green dress, but sadly we couldn't make a nice photo, I don't really like this one but I wanted to show that we had a nice white chritmas!
After lunch we gave our presents in the livingroom. One of the funniest presents I got is a kitchen torch. Now I can make crème brûlée! :) Actually I think it's a present for Mr. Mouse, not me, because I'm afraid even of lighters, so he will help me with it :)
For my Sis and her husband we made kitchen gloves, a table cloth and pillows for their chairs in the kitchen from the same floral fabric with my Mum. My Sis likes them a lot, luckily her taste and love of classical floral things is really similar to mine :)

The meal was amazing as always, for dinner my Mum experimented with 'pomme duchesse' (flower-formed mashed potatoes) and it turned out perfectly :) And the snow crescent 'rolls' (my grandmother's recipe) were tasty as well~

It was a nice day with my family, we got nice presents and in the evening we watched the first Harry Potter movie and it brought back nice memories :)

The next day we visited my grandparents in Óbuda. Since there are too many family members there isn't enough place for us to eat together, so now we were invited only for the afternoon. We had pastries (bejgli, fruit bread, etc.) and as usually the youngest members of the family handed out the presents that were under the small christmas tree. It's a tradition but it got weird since the youngest is also older than 18 now :) My favourite present from them is a Balmain manicure set, sadly it's a bit too big, but I'll carry it with me from now on.

In the early evening my parents took me to the railway station and I came to Miskolc to visit Mr. Mouse's family!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas-time with the loved one

I guess this post is the last one with 'new mexico' tag: Mr. Mouse came home on the 21st!! I still can't believe that he won't go back :) His flight arrived 2 hours late but in the end everything went perfectly. The two families have a lovely dinner together at our place. My mom did her best, the meal was amazing! Juli, Mr. Mouse's 3-years-old niece was supercute, she shouted all the time that 'We are going to the airport!!!' & 'When will he arrive?!?!' :)

On the 22nd we celebrated christmas together since he went home to his parents on the 23rd.  I've never decorated a christmas tree with my boyfriend so it was a really warm feeling, and I was so happy! And our christmas tree is just PERFECT. He brought me Disney princess ornaments from the US, they are amazing! The other ornaments are all silver & white colored so it's not so rainbowy, I really like it that way.
My favourite: Rapunzel & Mr. Mouse's favourite: Perry the platypus
Princess Jasmine Awww, so lovely with the lamp in her hands!
Princess Ariel. Still haven't got used to pink dress with red hair, but she was always my favourite girl.
Snowwhite. I have to tell you that I don't like her :D but the ornaments is sooo lovely with the glittery apple and the shiny dress! It's one of the nicest!
Princess Aurora.
Minnie Mouse in lolita dress and Tinkerbell

As a present I got a little sister for Rapunzel: an Ariel doll from DisneyStore! And a Victoria's Secret lingerie set as well :$ I have to say that I'm impressed that he knew my size! :D Oh, and I got 3 more snowglobes as well! Chicago, New York and Washington DC :) I gave him a new watch (since his old one doesn't work), t-shirt with the Millenium Falcon on it, a tie, and lots of chocolates! :) It was a really rich Christmas :)

Pre-Christmas with the lolitagirls

At last I have time to write about our christmas lolita meet-up! It's been 2 weeks since then, sorry for the late post! The dress-code was of course something christmassy, so at last I could wear my new Surface Spell dress which is definetly my favourite at the moment, I'm totally in love with the style, the color and with everyhing on this dress! I'd like to dedicate the photos to my lovely Emilka, because I've seen this dress on her photos and when I said I like it, she recommanded it to me~ And although I'm 20cm taller than her, now we could twin ;) I have to thank her that she drew my attention to this JSK! And my Rapunzel doll has a matching dress as well ;)

The meet-up was great, after the photoshooting in the freezing cold on the Square of Roses in front of the church, we stayed in our usual teahouse. We gave presents to our friends and played Secret Santa as well. I was Zsuzsi's secret santa, so it was fun, because she is one of my newest friends, I was happy that I drew her to give a present :)

Some details of my outfit. We always laugh with Lulu at the fact that we never have time to do our nails before a meet-up. Now I had!! :)

And some more photo of me and my friends <3
with Kriszti & Zsuzsi

with the loveliest Lulu!

with NekoHime and Nana in her lovely snowflaked dress~ Totally chritmassy!

Ibu (red tartan) & Kriszti (bittersweet) & Lyona (red×white) & Lulu (black×silver) & me

My favourite photo at the moment! Zsuzsi & Kriszti & Lulu & me.

Love you girls!I hope you had a fun time like me and see you soon! :))

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy 175th Birthday!


Check it out! >><<

Background change for the holidays, yay!~ Sorry, I know that I have to write about a lots of things, but I've been so busy waiting for Mr. Mouse and preparing everything for Christmas that I haven't got time to write posts with lovely photos, although I took a lot! But I'm sure I can do it soon ;)

So, see you soon ;) And I hope everyone will have a lovely christmas with hot tea, tasty cookies and loving family! Merry Christmas :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

7 days ;)

I can't believe! He will be back in a week! I'm so excited!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Week-end with Anita

Soooo, as I said, Anita visited me! After Sara left in March, Anita and Cristina became my best friends in Paris, so I was very happy, when she said that she wants to visit me. Since Vienna is very close, and the bus tickets are really cheap, it wasn't so difficult to organize it :) She spent the last week-end here. We walked a lot in the freezing cold in Budapest, and I have to say, that I really enjoyed it as well, I missed the city.

On Friday after a huge lunch (thanks to Mom) we went to the Buda Castle, then down to the bank of the Danube and found 2 christmas markets (they are everywheeeeeeeere!) in the city center, so we drank a big cup of hot spicy wine to warm up, and around 6pm we came home. In the evening after a lots of chit-chatting we watched the first half of Despicable Me but we fell asleep :D

On Saturday we went to Szentendre with my parents by car and the weather was even worse than on Friday! We did a little walk, but it was so cold that we had to go inside somewhere. We visited the Marzipan Museum, which was fun! I especially loved the fairytale-themed "sculptures" :)

We went to the Chritmas Museum&Shop as well. Vera recommanded it, and I have to thank it to her, it was a really good idea! We bought some special christmas ornaments, my favourite is a white bird, it will be on my tree. But there were some really funny ornaments as well, for example a Santa Claus who was riding on a dolphin with reindeer anthlers! XD And a skiing couple sitting on the lift :)
After the museums we had lunch in a fancy restaurant. Anita had to try the goulash soup of course! :) My Mom found the restaurant on the internet and it was a really good choice.
We walked another half an hour in the freezing cold and than went back to Budapest. We had a reservation to our favourite design confectionary. It was perfect for us with the Paris-themed menu! Anita had a crème brûlée selection with tea and I chose the most pink things :D We came home together with my Sis and her friends, and we were playing our favourite drinking game till late :)

On Sunday we were already tired enough so it was a shorter day in the city :) We went to the House of Terror. It was very interesting even for me, but of course it's not an easy topic :S We crossed the Hero's Square to the City Park, and spent some money at the christmas market in front of the Vajdahunyad Castle :) I got a snowglobe from Anita with Budapest inside! It's so funny, but she knew that I collect them, so she bought it for me. Thank you, I really appreciate it! :)) We had lunch at home and we started to watch one of my favourite movies: How to train your dragon. Anita, you have to finish it at home! :)

We take her out to the bus station with Dad at half past 6. It was a fun week-end, I really enjoyed it even though it was so tiring :) I'm gonna miss you! I hope we will see each other soon :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

2 weeks, yay!

Tomorrow my friend will visit me from Austria, but I promise, I'll post a lot (mostly photos) after the week-end. Of course about her visit and about my new and lovely Surface Spell dress as well ;)

Monday, December 3, 2012

First candle & laziness

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. We lit the first candle on my wreath and the family had lunch together.
In the afternoon we made some more christmas ornaments with my sis, I decorated our livingroom a bit and I wrapped up the presents that I already bought :) I'm so excited about christmas! My cats are not that amused :D

But anyway it was a lazy week-end for me as well, but I had so much fun. And the next one will be really exciting, too! My austrian friend (from Paris) will visit me for 3 days, yay!!~

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent I.

I organized a mini meet-up with my lolita friends for today, and we continued to make christmas ornaments and I made a christmas wreath as well. Actually it's an Advent wreath, I'm not sure that everyone knows the tradition, if not: I really enjoyed making it and I'm happy how it turned out! We'll have a silver×white chistmas tree so we needed a silver wreath :) I used 4 star-shaped candles, some silver ribbon, tiny ornaments, glittery present boxes, artifical flowers/leaves and a lot of silver spray paint :D
We'll light the first candle tomorrow!

Thank you, girls, for today! It was fun, and we have to repeat it! :)

The Friday of the months!

Dear December,

 I hope I don't expect too much from you ;)

Yours Sincerely,

Monday, November 26, 2012

Batman cosplay

There was a HUGE Video Game & Anime Convention in Budapest last week-end. We were there with my best friend, Lulu who worked a lot on her Poison Ivy costume and in the end I accompanied her dressed as Harley Quinn from Batman, too :) It was fun, but really tiring at the same time. But I'll definitely do it again next time! Hopefully with something Disney-related ;)