Sunday, August 18, 2013

Balaton & Anime CON

Huh, it's been a busy week! The day after we came home from visiting Anita and the Aninite ('Comic Con' of Vienna), we went to the Lake Balaton to our lovely but tiny weekend house for some day :) The view is just amazing from the balcony! This time we took our bicycles and I almost died because it's on a hill and I'm not sporty enough :D but it was fun and the weather was nice!

We came home on Friday evening and yesterday we had an Anime Convention AGAIN :D It was a small one so I thought it won't be that successful, but in the end I was really satisfied and my lovely Lulu helped me a lot. But easy come, easy go, I already spent the half of my income online, yay! :D

Oh and there was a shop where plush alpacas were sold here as well! And it was much cheaper than in Vienna and every friend of mine got one, but I didn't have time to go and buy one and in the end, when I could go, there were no more alpacas T___T Maybe next time I'll have more luck :) Although I really wouldn't need it :D


Soooooo.... As I may mentioned, with our Giselle and Robert cosplay we won 2 tickets for the biggest austrian anime and comic convention, and as we have an amazing friend in Vienna, we thought that we could visit her and go to the con as well ;)

Friday I was wearing a casual lolita outfit but I hated it :D Since then I already sold the skirt although 2-3 years ago it was my absolute favourite skirt, but since than I totally changed my style and I don't really like sweet lolita clothes anymore. I mean on myself because on other girls it can be totally cute! :)

On Saturday we started our day at a Cupcake café where Anita took us :D But it was too expensive to stay there for a coffee so in the end we ate our cupcakes in nice park. After that we went back to the Con but this time we were wearing our Enchanted cosplays again. We met some more Hungarians, for example Cintia, who is a cute lolita girl so we spent our day whining together for plush alpacas and other cute things :) But it was sooo expensive T_T

In the evening Anita invited Hanna and her boyfriend over and we had a lovely dinner together. After the dinner we played our traditional drinking game :D and then went to have a nighttime picknick at the back of the Danube, it was really charming with candle light and some more wine!

Since Anite lives really close to the riverbank, we spent the Sunday there, I got a bit of sunburn as well, but it was really nice! Although the Danube crosses Budapest as well, I've never bathed in it before because it's too wide and fast here, not to mention the amount of garbage in it :S It was cold so I couldn't go in but at least I was standing in it for like 15 minutes :D

It was a lovely long weekend, Anite spoiled us as much as it's possible, we had germknödels, apfelstrudels and everything that you can imagine! :) I'm not sure we can repay it to her somehow, but we will surely try :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lovely July

I totally forgot about blog writing... and it has been a month since then! Sorry~ I won't say I'll write about every minute, but there has been some pretty exciting days, so it will be a photo-heavy post :)

We've been to Malta for a week with my friends from the 28th of June till the 5th of July. We celebrated Mr. Mouse's birthday there, I organized a surprise present treasure hunt for him to make his 25th birthday special :) He was really touched :D

The week after that we had a casual-disney-princess party with my closest friends... (my hair is so short now T.T)

...and a little lolita minimeet in a cute café as well :)
On the 20th of July we attended the anime convention in Budapest. I was selling from behind my lovely Garden of Imagination booth (made by Mr. Mouse, painted by me) with the help of one of my best friends, and I really enjoyed working together despite of the heat :) My friend, Vera was wearing lolita for the first time, and I think she enjoyed it, I made her a lovely hairstyle and who doesn't like frilly clothes? :))

In the past month I caught a cold twice, I'm recovering from the second one now, and I'm really angry about it. It's awfully hot in Europe now and I'm catching cold all the time... Since I have to stay at home, I work a lot. I started to work on my new cosplay as well, but the most important is my Garden of Imagination :) And there's a GIVEAWAY on the site!!