Sunday, February 23, 2014


Last Saturday we went to a baroque ball with Mr. Mouse to the Museum of Fine-Arts of Budapest. We got the tickets from my parents for my nameday, and it was lovely :) It was a combined ticket so we could visit the Caravaggio exhibition as well, it was really interesting, and I always love the opportunities when I can talk about art history to Mr. Mouse - who knows literally nothing about it :D (I don't mean to hurt him, I know nothing about the timey-wimey space-thingies that he studied, neither does he need to know everything :))

But anyway the ball was nice, everyone was wearing costumes and there was free champagne and macaron *__* I ate like 6 macarons :D

We accidently ran into Yaka, and we were really happy to meet her there :) She was wearing her lovely AATP dress, so it was nice that I was wearing a lolita blouse and lolita accessories as well :D I made my skirt especially for this occasion, but Gabor was wearing his Enchanted Robert coat and vest. It was perfect for a ball like this, because if you remember, Robert was wearing his for the same kind of ball ;))

They even made a short interview with us so we were in the local news on the next day :) So all in all it was a fun night and I really enjoyed it! Thank you Mum & Dad :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend in Styria

I still owe you a post about our little trip to Austria 2 weeks ago, but I was superbusy till now. Since yesterday I'm kind of ill, so now I can't work that hard.

Sooo, my lovely Austrian friend, Anita invited us (with Mr. Mouse) for a weekend to her parents farmhouse which is 40-50 km far from Graz in the middle of nowhere. I'm a city girl, I've never spent more than 2 or 3 weeks far from a big city, so it was really weird (and amazing) for me to imagine that my friend grew up there, on a snowy mountain with the pure nature around the house... *_*

On Friday we met Gabor's friend, Stefan in Graz and took a walk in the city. I fell in love with it. The houses are beautiful, the facades are amazingly detailed! The weather was awful but at least it wasn't raining, so we enjoyed the walk and the hot chocolate afterwards in a hipster café :D We met with Anita in her hometown, and left our car in a parking lot and went up to their house with Anita's car. We'll get back to the car later... :D
On Saturday we went to ski with Anita, her brother, Petra (Anita's roommate in Vienna, we already met her), and Stefan to a skiing area 1 hour from where we stayed. Sadly some of the skilifts where closed because of the windy weather but we still had a fun time there!

On Sunday we played with the animals around the house and walked there for a while. After the freezing night the landscape was AMAZING. I felt like Anna in Frozen just before they met Olaf ;) Everything was frozen, we even found some frozen leaves that looked like icy flowers *_*

We decided to spend one more night there. Around 10am we went down to pick up our car and head back to Vienna. So here you are the problem with our car that we left in the parking lot... Since it was snowing in the past few days, the whole car was frozen with 10-15 cm snow on the top of it and 2 cm ICE below it. We thought that it will be ok, if we start the engine and the car starts to melt it down - but we couldn't open the doors :) It sounds kind of a big problem, but actually we laughed a lot and it was an adventure for us :D Anita's brother is a voluntary fire-fighter so he saved us with a high-pressure hot water pump-or-whatsoever :)

Gabor is finishing the job :D

After we rescued the car, on the way home we stoped at a lovely town and ate a superdelicious doughnut-thingy *_* and after we took Anita to Vienna, we spent an hour in Parndorf ;) I didn't buy a lots of things, only a cute body for Gabors newborn nephew (He was born 2 days ago!) in Petit Bateau, some tiny accessories at Claire's and a marshmallow hot chocolate at McCafé *_*

So all in all it was a fantastic weekend, and I can't thank to Anita and her family enough for the hospitality and their kindness! I hope she'll visit us soon ;)

Monday, February 3, 2014