Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mint and beige collection

As I said earlier in one of my posts, my style changed a lot in the past year. I started to LOVE beige colored things, and I like chocolate brown as well - but of course mint is still my absolute favourite. Today I sorted some of my favourite clothes of this style, and I took some photos of them. Here you are ;)

Socks & tights:
These are my favourite garments for sure, I own more than enough :D I can't wait for spring to come, and wear them with cute skirts or shorts!

Skirts & shorts:
I made the first one in Paris. The mint green is from H&M and the lacy short is from ebay. I have it in black as well, and I really love to wear them under shorter dresses :)

Sweaters & cardigans:

Spring, please come! I want to wear them INSTEAD of my coat, not under it! My favourite is the beige lacy cardigan, I bought it in a secondhand shop, the material is very soft and the lacy details are amazing! I took a photo of the back side as well to show you how nice it is.

The mint cardigan is the newest member of my family :D I bought it on ebay, and I was dancing with it, when I opened the envelope and realized that it's ever more beautiful in real life than it was on the stockphoto :)

Both of them are inherited from my grandmother, but not from the same one! :) The beige blouse is actually too big, but with a skirt on it, it can be really nice.

I have another beige blouse, that I wear very often with lolita outfits, but now it's in the laundry for the lolita meet-up on this week-end :)

The last one is the newest. I bought it in a chinese shop, and It's amazing, the back part of the skirt is longer!~ The first is from Topshop (2nd hand) and the second is from H&M.

Hair accessories:

Flower power :) I don't have anything to say about them, I simply love flowers and bows! I have some others as well, but I couldn't find them now :D

Other accessories:
I'll get the floral bag for my birthday from my Sis and her husband, but I got it earlier. I'm totally in love with it!!~

Actually I've never made a real wardrobe post before, so I'm really excited. What do you think? I hope you like it.

Oz the great and powerful - Essence collection

I want all of them! Ok, maybe except the eyeliners but I think I can't live without the others :D You now, my name is the shorter version of Dorothy, so I guess I always felt that I'm THAT Dorothy :) I can't wait till the movie comes out in Hungary! 8 more days :S But it will be an almost birthday present ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Half-outfit photos V

13. My new Hello Kitty ballerinas~ (10/08/2011)
14. Cité des Sciences (10/11/2011)
15. International Suit Up Day!! (10/13/2011)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Last week

Last week was really busy. On Tuesday we went to a japanese restaurant with my friends and Mr. Mouse and after a huge meal, the girls went to see the new Anna Karenina movie. I've read the books, seen the musical and every movie adoptations and I'm still in love with it. The theatrical scene was amazing... and the Kitty-Levin couple is still my favourite :) Not to mention Jude Law~ Who would be that crazy to cheat on Jude Law?! :D After the movie, we still talked for about an hour in the McCafe, so all in all it was a lovely and fun day, I really enjoyed it~ :)

The other most eventful day was Thursday, and not really because of Valentine's Day :) Actually it's my Mum's birthday ;) We had lunch at my grandparents', we got some chocolates (me too because my birthday is really close as well, and we don't visit them so often) and a nice perfume :)
In the evening we met with Mr. Mouse and went together to meet my friends in our favourite Comics Shottail Bar :) It was fun as always, I just drank perfectly enough ;)
After we came home, my brother-in-law came up to drink with us a bit more, because he had his final exam on that day, so he wanted to celebrate with us. Congrats to him! Yay!~
Oh, and I got a present for Valentine's Day! Mr. Mouse bought it totally alone, without any help, and I'm really proud of him, it never happened before :)

On Sunday I had a job interview, wish me luck ;) And noooow the new week began!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Half-outfit photos IV

Yesterday I got my long awaited package from Hong Kong, but I still need to take some photos of the things I got. I bought a wig, but I'm not so pleased with it. I mean the quality is good but it's just weird on me. Maybe I just need to cut the bangs and get used to it :)

So till then some other outfit photos!

10. Disneyland Paris! The best day of my life~ (09/28/2011)
11. Meeting with the Hungarians in Paris (10/01/2011)
12. Everyday outfit in the city with my Mickey Mouse t-shirt (10/04/2011)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Half-outfit photos III

7. Château de Versailles (09/24/2011)
8. Champs Élysées & Pyramides de Louvre (09/25/2011)
9. Musée des Arts et Métiers (09/27/2011)

The first photo was taken when one of my favourite photos of myself. It was my cover image on facebook for a long time :) And I have one with the rainbow socks as well :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Half-outfit photos II

Second chapter of my outfit photo collection. Yep, you can see, that these are my favourite tights. Floral-vintage~ I think it was my first item that led me to the classic style. I still remember how Nana ordered it for me, because at that time I haven't been infected with the ebay-virus yet :D I was really unhappy because it was already ripped, but I sewed it and I still wear it a lot :)

4. Flying lanterns - the last party in Budapest (09/11/2011)
5. Visiting the Eiffel tower for the first time (09/20/2011)
6. Let's go to the Notre Dame! (09/23/2011)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Headband holder

Today I got an idea from Nura and thanks to that I prepared a headband holder. The pillows on my chairs are from the same fabric as this holder, I really like this vintage floral style :) I try to organize all of my girly things, because since Mr. Mouse lives here, I feel that I have too many clothes and jewelery, and my room is always a mess :S I mean it isn't his fault, I just feel ashamed that I'm so messy. But I really love these cute organizers :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Half-outfit photos I

I started to take photos of my outfits before we went to Paris in the summer of 2011. I never posted them before because I couldn't make a picture of the whole outfit, so I only took photos of my leg, so they're not so nice, but I guess it's enough to show my colorful style - although it changed a lot in the last year :) There are already so many photos in my phone (21 at the moment) that I thought it's time to post them, I hope you like them :)
I'm not going to post all of them today, I'll post some later when life gets boring :)

1. Going to the mall on a rainy day in a casual lolita outfit (06/14/2011)
2. Blue×white×red with Miffy (06/16/2011)
3. Love Nadia still in Budapest (06/16/2011)

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Yesterday was my nameday. We kind of celebrate it with tiny presents but not a big deal.
On Tuesday we went to the mall with Mr. Mouse and I helped him to choose a little present. I got some flower hair accessories, I really like them, I wanted them for so long!~

And I got a present from myself as well :D I bought a cute jewelry holder and I reorganized my necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Omg, I think I have more than enough :D But I love each of them! Every piece has its own history :)

From my parents I got a huge photo snowglobe. I already printed two photos of us with Mr. Mouse (one from Disneyland Anaheim and the other was taken at our ski trip in Austria) and put them in it, it's so cute :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Last week-end Mr. Mouse went home to visit his parents and on Sunday he came back with lots of stuff. His mother packed us a bunch of sweets, chocolates, jams, etc. :) It's so kind of her! And my mom and me also got some flowers! Mum got a bouquet of tulipes and I got seven roses. I've never got so many roses at the same time before!

They are simply beautiful. I love to just look at them, and smell them, and think about how lovely the life is sometimes~

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our lily of the valley

When I posted the girl with the candle today earlier, I didn't know that there will be one more reason to do it... :( The life has a terribly grotesque humor.

Blog merge

Soooo, finally I found a function to merge my two blogs :D I hope it won't confuse anyone. So now I use this one:

Every year on this day

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hungarian or English?...

I'm thinking about writing in Hungarian from now on, but I'm not sure how many of you read my blog... Back then I had 61 followers! Now only 19 since I changed my address. I don't want to be a celebrity or anything like that :D but I would be happy if I got some comments every now and than :S

Skiing in Austria

We wen't to ski in the middle of January to Nassfeld, Austria. We stayed in the same hause in Tröpolach as 2 years ago, but now in a bigger apartment, because we were with Mr. Mouse's parents and with mine too.

The weather was terrible, the sun wasn't shining (only on Friday when this lovely photo was taken) and it was snowing all the time, but at least there was snow everywhere :)

On Tuesday it was snowing so hard that we couldn't go up to the mountain, but we played a lot in the snow.

On the evenings we played board games and ate a lot :D It was fun, I really enjoyed the whole week, except the last slide on the last day when I fell two times in 20 minutes and after the 2nd one I could barely move my left knee and my neck. But now I'm okay and I'm prepared for skiing next year as well! :)

30 months

Today it's so rainy, I'm sure I won't go out (it's even a miracle that I got up), so I thought it's the perfect time to catch up with my blog posts.

On Wednesday it was the 2.5th anniversary of our relationship with Mr. Mouse. We didn't really celebrated it, but I made him a photo mosaic of the 3 months that we spent together in 2012.

After dinner we made some creme brulee and we were drinkin mimosa (champagne+orange juice) while whatching a silly romcom :)