Monday, November 26, 2012

Batman cosplay

There was a HUGE Video Game & Anime Convention in Budapest last week-end. We were there with my best friend, Lulu who worked a lot on her Poison Ivy costume and in the end I accompanied her dressed as Harley Quinn from Batman, too :) It was fun, but really tiring at the same time. But I'll definitely do it again next time! Hopefully with something Disney-related ;)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sugarshop & Fairytale theme

Thursday is our weekly meeting day with my best friends. Usually we talk in a café for an hour, but this week we went to Sugar!Shop, which is still one of the most loliable places that I've ever seen :)
Sadly I forgot to take a picture of my cake... but you can see Vera's here, it's so lovely! Till last week everything was american themed but now they changed the whole design to Paris-theme! Wiiii~ Sora ordered a pink button-shaped cake called 'Haute couture', and mine was 'La baguette'! :)

The two of us drank a strawberry shake as well, I loved it, and will have another one next time for sure!

And I wanted to share some new photos of my room as well! As you can see on older photos, I changed the design to something really girly, pinkish with flowers. Now I wanted to add some more things to enhance the fairytale theme :D MORE FLOWERS! I had the same flowers in my room in Paris, but sadly they were damaged when I tried to bring them home so I had to order it again, but I really love them, and missed them so much! They were (and once again they ARE) the part of my everday life.

And finally I put the Neuschwanstein poster on the wall that I 'borrowed' from my sis, it's above my bed. And a Disneyland poster! Yep, it's (almost) the same castle :D I got the disney one today on the anime&comicCON for free, yay~ I got two another posters for Mr. Mouse as well, I hope he will like them :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Craft Lolita Meet-up

Yesterday we had a lolita meet-up in our favourite teahouse 'Gólem Művek'. It was one of the best meet-ups so far! The theme was 'crafting'. Nana taught us to make lovely make-ups, ShiNoHana brought a lot of tea papers and some of us made christmas ornaments like this:

I prepared some christmas ornaments, too. We made them from some fabric left-overs,  ribbons, etc. on styrofoam balls. The others were really good at it too, I think every ornament turned out so lovely!~

So all in all, I had so much fun with the girls, and although we didn't make so much photos as usually, but I hope I can post some of them soon :)

Today was a fun day too, we went shopping with my parents :D I helped my father to buy some new clothes, I really enjoyed it, he always listens to me if it's about fashion ;)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Petite Étoile website!

Yaaaaaaaaaay, we finished my website, I'm so happy! I know it's in hungarian, but check it out ;)

I have to thank the fantastic design to my Mr. Mouse, he worked a lot on it and it looks amazing :) The new pictures of the latest photoshooting are also there, you can find them under "Kollekciók" and 2012. Juli, the little girl is super cute! <3

So now you can see why I haven't written a post lately :D I'm exhausted but very proud of the website, I worked very hard on it and on the new collection - although I had a lots of help! Thanks for those who helped me! :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Enchanted Rapunzel

At first you have to know, that it's not yet finished! And as I see on the photos I used too much fabric for the skirt... And I still need to add flowers, lace, ribbons in her hair, and so on :) I have to say I really enjoyed making this dress. It's funny that my work is my hobby as well, so I'm sewing in my work time and in my free time, too :D

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First ornaments

Today I bought my first OWN christmas ornaments! This year I'll have a christmas tree here in my room, and I'd like to decorate it with my boyfriend after he comes home. We had tons of christmas ornaments at home, but usually we only use red and golden decorations on the tree of the family, so I decided that I'll steal the white and silver ornaments, and complete them with some special colorful figures that I'll get from the US ;) But we don't have enough white/silver orbs, so I need to buy some more. Christmas is absolutely my favourite holiday, so it has to be perfect!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012


I think I HAVE TO show it to you all :D My grandfather's computer is broken, my father wanted to repair it, and he found a file on it - this one:

For the non-hungarians: it says "To Grandpa with love from Dóri. 01/23/1999" Yes, I made it almost 14 years ago, and I'm really proud of how talented I always was :D But hey, it was a really kind gesture, wasn't it? :) But the best part is that he kept it!

Lazy Sunday

I was totally exhausted after the photoshooting yesterday, so I decided not to do anything today :D In the morning I watched Lion King 3 - still not the best Disney film, but it was fun, and I was too lazy to do anything else :D

In the evening we went to the cemetery with my mom, it was absolutly beautiful with the thousands of candles! We talked a lot about my grandfather who passed away 7 years ago and it felt so good that there were already a lots of flower and candle on his grave. We still miss him a lot... It was a lovely evening, it's nice sometimes to talk about the ones that we lost. Sad, that's true, but still nice. It started to rain so after we lit a tons of candles in front of the sculpture for the ones who don't have graves, we climbed up to my other grandparents' house and we talked with them for about an hour.

At home I continued to  rewatch the Road to Avonlea series (Oh, the Prince Edward Island... still one of my dream destinations!) and in the mean time I played with my Rapunzel doll :D Now she has a Sissi inpired hairstyle, she only needs a new dress. But next time I guess she'll have a lolita outfit! :) Yes, I feel like a child again and it feels so good!

I think I'm ready for next week!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween photos

Some more photos of the weekend. As we haven't really celebrated Halloween this year, this lolita meet-up counts me as a Halloween party. Next time I'll be prettier, I promise! :)

Cat-pose with Nekohime! =^_^=

Creepy Kriszti in my favourite dress :)

Ibu, who would recognize you with black hair?! :)

Family portrait :) with Lyona & Brigi

Candle light for her

I'm going to light a real one as well, although there are two other days when I usually do it. I still miss you...