Monday, March 25, 2013

Hinamatsuri photos

We got the photos of the Hinamatsuri Lolita meet-up thanks to Nana & Albert, yay!~ I show you my favourites:

...and some details of my outfit ;)Twinning with Ariel!~♡ I love to twin with my dolls :)

And if I remember correctly I still haven't posted my drawing that I made for the birthday of Yanos ;)

And today I shipped on my fashion design competition at last! I'm so relieved~ Now I can only concentrate on the upcoming anime CONvention :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Princess factory

Yesterday in the evening I was bored and didn't want to work on my project, so I played a bit with silly doll maker games :D Here you are the results ;)

If you'd like to try them, the first one was made on this site:
and the second was made on this site:

Good luck, and show me your princess dolls ;)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dear Spring,

You should hurry. Stop snowing and raining and bring on the sunshine! Please ;)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hinamatsuri - birthday

My 24th birthday was 2 weeks ago, but we still haven't got the photos of the lolita meet-up, so I decided that I'm going to write about that day without them, and I'll post them later if we get them.

Soooo... with my family we celebrated at lunch. The cake that my mother baked was amazing as always ;) Everybody ate 2 huge slices of it - and it was gone! :)

I got a lots of lovely presents, mostly white homedeco things, a lovely clock (still not on the wall, so no photo), chocolate and haircare creams, because my hair is really damaged and lack of vitamins after winter... :S From my boyfriend I got a lovely bouquet of roses, and I'll get something else as well, but we're still waiting for it, to arrive

After lunch we were preparing for the lolita meet-up with Lulu and Yanos as usually :) My sister joined us as well, and Mr. Mouse took us to our teahouse with car. Yanos's birthday is on the 4th so we celebretad her as well. I hope she likes my presents ;) We also took some photos, they're not the best quality but still something till we get the better pictures ;)

Since my birthday is on Hinamatsuri, we took or favourite dolls as well :) Rapunzel already attended a lolita meet-up, so now I took Ariel and we twinned~ I made her whole outfit 2 days before :)

And I got a lots of wonderful presents! I was really surprised :) Thank you girls (and boys)!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Make-up Love~

I don't care what others say about the new Oz movie, I still love it. I think it's a movie for children (there's not more agression in it than for example in the Disney animations :)) so it's normal if a grown-up doesn't like it, but please except that I'm still a child inside and as my real name is the hungarian version of Dorothy, I can't help it but be in love with everything that is related to Oz!

Sooooo, when we found the new Oz make-up collection of Essence in the 6th Rossman where we searched for it, I had to buy almost the half of it :D They look amazing, and the quality looks really good, but I still have to try all of them ;) The highlighter powder looks absolutely amazing, and I'm eager to try the creme blush! The cracking nail polish won't be my favourite item, but I had to try it once. And the necklace! I know it's plastic and looks a bit cheap, but I couldn't resist, it reminds me of Emerald City

If I had to choose about design, these are absolutely my favourite make-ups at the moment! But if it's about quality, I'd recommend the super cheap but super qualitative NYC eyeshadows! They were on sale, so I had to buy almost all of them in the end :D

From now on I'm not allowed to buy any new make-ups! That's it :D

Angelic Pretty e-mook

AwWWwwww! My drawing is featured in the Angelic Pretty E-mook magazine, YAY! With the hungarian lolita girls we made a cute photo album for Maki and Asuka, and Gigi and Nekohime took it to the AP Teaparty in Paris, and it seems that they like it ;)

And on the cover there's my drawing!

The text is the following:
海の向こうのアリスたちから大好きなAngelic Pretty への贈りもの。


仲良しのみんなで撮りためた、Angelic Pretty を着用したスナップ写真を可愛いアルバムに。リボンやお花でデコったり、手書きコメントを書いたりと愛情たっぷり。

According to my sister's translation it means something like that:

'Wonderful present for Angelic Pretty from lolitas from overseas.

It seams that there are lots of girls abroad who couldn't manage to come to our teaparty and meet our designers, so they made a handmade present for us. We'd like to present it!

A group of friend made a lovely photo album where they all wear Angelic Pretty dresses. They decorated it with ribbons, flowers, and handwritten comments full of love.'

I'm so proud of us, girls ;) And thanks for the photo for ZombieYanos, who discovered us in the magazine, I hope she doesn't mind that I stole them from her blog ;)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baking with the boys

Oh, I still need to write about my birthday! Sooo, I start with the day before ;)

I was a bit sad that we haven't really celebrated my birthday with my best friends when we met on Friday, although we usually do, so my brother-in-law decided that he will bake a cake for me to cheer me up! Actually it was the best present, that I could watch them making it :D You have to know that he is really talented at making sandwiches and at warming up his deep-frozen pizza - but since my sister is really good at cooking, he never really needed to learn anything else ;) After 5 minutes Mr. Mouse joined the cake baking party, and it was so much fun! My sister said all the instructions, and after that she always screamed "But not like that!" :D I wasn't allowed to help, so I was sitting on the kitchen chair and laughed at them :) I also took some photos:

Actually the cake turned out really good! We took it to the lolita meet-up on Sunday to eat it with the girls ;)
Thank you! I have to say that I love my family!