Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a special Christmas day this year. Mr. Mouse's sister and her family moved really close to us, so we spend the Christmas lunch here at my parent's place and then we went to visit Mr. Mouse's family for the evening. They have a HUGE christmas tree with purple ornaments, it was beautiful with the lots of presents! *__*  And it felt great to spent Christmas Eve with them, I'm happy that they think that I'm the part of their family as well :)

And as about the presents? Santa was really kind to me this year :) I show you some pictures of some of them :)

Nici Snowleopard and a nici planner from my boyfriend *.*

Body shop package from Mr. Mouse's sister. I forgot to put the soap on the picture :D We got theater vouchers from his other sister and a hat and gloves from his parents :)

Lots of chocolate, a snowglobe (I got 3 snowglobes for this Christmas *_*), and from my sister and borther-in-law textile paints and brushes :)

One of my most heart-warming presents was this box. We always making jokes about getting empty boxes as a gift, because I got a LOT when I was a child and I always was really dissapointed :D So it was half a joke from my boyfriend, but he handpainted it, and it's the cutest thing that he ever made, since he is not creative at all and he never tried something like this before~ :) Now some of my make-up stuff lives in it :)

And I also got this lovely clock from Mr. Mouse, I'm totally in love with it *_* We have a similair one in the livingroom, but now we have one in the bedroom as well :) And the tee is a little gift from myself, I'm really into Doctor Who nowadays, so how could I say no to this t-shirt when it was on sale on teemagnet.com? :)

And last but not least here is one of my presents for Mr. Mouse:

It's scratch-map, you can scratch the places with a coin where you've been :) They really enjoyed scratching it :D But in the end it feels a bit dissapointing, because we visited lots of places and it's still only a tiny part of the world - but we have time! :) He got a Tardis-keychain from me and a boardgame. He LOVES boardgames :D

Probably it's my last post for this year, so allow me to wish an early HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, and I hope you will come back and read my blog in 2014 as well :) Have a nice evening today ;)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sailor Disney Princesses Part 2

We finally got the photos of our photoshoot from back in october~ The photographer did a great job, so I won't complain anymore about how long did it take to send them, the photos are really nice :) I show you some of them! My only problem is that we're not really smiling on either of them :( But I still hope you like them! :)

Art inspiration: Drachea Rannak
Photo: Phoenix Feather Works Photograpy
Cosplayers: Yunina as Mulan, Westa as Ariel, Niki as Esmeralda and Elyon (me) as Rapunzel

(We got these two back in October rigth after the photoshoot, so you may have already seen them.)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sailor Moon Christmas Art Trade

I hope You have a lovely Christmas! :) Before writing about our tree, celebration and presents, I'd like to show you something else: A bit more than a month ago we agreed with Mimi that we'll do a Sailor Moon-themed art trade for each other for christmas :) I chose Pluto & Chibimoon and she chose Neptune & Saturn as subjects :) And here you are the results:

Mimi's drawing for me~ Isn't it cute? I love them together so much!

And mine for her. I like how Hotaru turned out, but I'm not happy with Michiru, she's simply not like her :S But I hope she likes it for real :)

I haven't done it before but I have to admit that art trade is fun! ...if I have time to draw anything else than kids&animals ;)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Elsa cosplay (Frozen) - Christmas Anime Convention

On the 14th of December we had a big anime/comic convention in Budapest. Usually I'm selling my works on conventions like that but this time, since it's winter themed, I wanted to do a Frozen cosplay. I started to work long before the movie even came out, and I was really excited about it. It was fun to watch the trailers over and over again to get the details, I really enjoyed it, maybe more than I would have if I had more information :)

Let it go~

Let it goooo~

I chose Elsa's coronation dress though I'm more like Anna in personality (and I had to dye my hair to light blond because it was more like golden blond), but since it's winter, I wanted to do Elsa. I'm planning to do Anna as well, but strictly with my Kristoff ;) Sooo, coronation dress. I know that everyone prefers her ice dress, but it's too sexy for me, I guess her personality transformation (letting go :D) just haven't happened with me yet :)

The cold never bothered me anyway~

At around 11 o'clock we had the judging in front of some important people of the cosplay society :D And I was a bit depressed, because they didn't seem to like me - but I should have misunderstood them, because I won the contest in craftmanship 'costume making' category :D I was really surprised, actually I did it only because I love it when people recognise me in nice dresses :D

I won 2 professional photoshoots (one of them is a Special Award and I got that as well :D), one in a studio and the other one is of course in the snow - I'll freeze to death :D But don't misunderstand me, I'm really happy with it! :) And I got some other prizes as well: a ticket for next spring's convention, 2 vouchers for a hobby store (best prize ever! I spend the half of my life there :D), a Kera magazine, a book and some chocolate that I already ate :D

I had a stand for Garden of Imagination as well, so I was selling my works but sadly my table was at the very back of the building so not so many people visitied me... Still it was nice, Lulu and Mr. Mouse helped me a lot so I'm not complaining :)

Fire and Ice - Lulu cosplay as Annie (LoL) and me as Elsa (Frozen)

Queen Elsa and her faithful knight, Mr. Mouse in his cute chess chocolate tie :)

We're going to make the first photoshoot on the 28th, I'm alrady REALLY excited and afraid of it at the same time, I haven't took part in something like this before and I still have to improve my hairstyle - wish me good luck!~

The most beautiful scene ever *T__T*

Christmas Lolita Meet-up

There are few things I should write about that happened before Christmas :) One of them is the Christmas Anime Convention in Budapest and the other one is our Christmas Lolita Meet-up. I'm going to start with the lolita meet-up though the Con happened one day earlier.

On last Sunday we had our annual christmas meet-up, this time in a lovely (but really expensive X_x) café. We were giving presents to our closest friends and we played Secret Santa as well! 2 weeks before the meet-up I got (computer random generator :D) Lilla as the girl for whom I should give a present, and I was really happy, because she is one of the newest girls in the group, and she is amazingly cute *__* On the meet-up she looked like a christmas angel, all cream colored and golden with her huge curly blond hair, so lovely!

I was wearing the same dress that I'll wear for Christmas in the rest of my life since the colorway is so christmassy :D And I made a special headdress with oranges, gingerbreadman and pearls for the event~

There were tables for 4 people, but in the end I shared a table with zombieYanos, Zsuzsi, Ibu, Nekohime, Lyona and Bogi, so the 7 of us were sitting around a tiny table :D But Hungarians have a proverb that 'Many good people can fit in small places'! :)

I took a photo of my presents as well, but I couldn't put the best gift on it! I got a fleece blanket with Disney Princesses on it from Yanos, I'm totally in love with it *____*

All in all, I enjoyed the meet-up and it was fun to meet the girls because between Christmas and New Year's Eve, we probably won't have enough time :( And it was great to start Christmas 10 days before it's actually happening :D

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I recently became a Whovian - better late than never :D Mr. Mouse started to watch it few weeks ago, because he was curious what do others love about this show that much. After the first few episodes he wasn't that impressed, but he continnued, so I started as well. I didn't really like it, although it was funny but a bit stupid (exactly like Charmed), but when the 10th Doctor appeared a miracle happened and I fell in love :D ...so I had to draw as always when I love something that much :D

I'm watching the end of the 4th season right now, and I'm already afraid of the next regeneration... :(

Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Katrin~

Today is the birthday of a new friend of mine whom I met in Vienna at the Innocent World Teaparty~ Have a happy birthday! ^.^ May all your wishes and dreams come true~

I'm sure I didn't get all the details right, but I hope you still like my drawing :3

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Anne & Gilbert

I promise, this one is the last post for today - and not only because it's 11:35 pm :D

So I finished my second drawing today, hurray~

See? Less pink than the previous one :D

So it's Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe~ Their story is the most heartwarming ever! ...and I'm still trying to forget that the 'New Beginning' movie even exists X_x Worst sequel ever. If I'm feeling down or I'm just bored, I watch again and again the Anne of Green Gables movies and I have to watch the Road to Avonlea series (all of them!) EVERY year as well :) I'm a bit sad that they're not so popular :S but I'll love them forever and they are my biggest mori inspiration *^.^* And one day I HAVE to visit the Prince Edward Island!

Mondocon Fall '13

We attended this fall's convention as well and with Lulu's help I was selling Garden of Imagination accessories as usual :) On the first day (05/10/2013) I was wearing a classic lolita outfit: my brand new brown blouse and floral skirt (came in the same package a week before the con).

As Saturday is always busier than Sunday, on the second day (06/10/2013) we could take hundreds of photos :D

My outfit was something different as usual, but this is still one of my dream dresses so I have to wear it every now and then :)

With my all time best friend~ She's feeling down nowadays because she thinks that sweet style doesn't suit her anymore but I think she is supercute *^.^* But I also would be happy if she would join me on the classic side :D

With my other two favourite lolitas: Kriszti and Nekohime~ We were all a bit black on that day although we barely wear anything else than light colors (except my love for chocolate brown) :)

So it was a fun weekend, and the weather was really nice~ I can't wait till the next convention in december!

Sailor Disney Princesses

Ok, that's a post that I should have written back in september :D So back then when we were cosplaying Giselle and Robert, we met some other cosplayers who were dressed as Steampunk Tinkerbell and her friends. I instantly fell in love with them, and we decided to make a new projekt together: the Sailor Disney Princesses!

At first we were a group of 6, but sadly two girl canceled less than 2 weeks before the convention :( But we decided to do it anyway! Yun as Mulan, Wes as Ariel, Niki as Esmeralda and me as Rapunzel.

The day of the Cosplayer Expo (21/09/2013) was almost a disaster. I felt so fat in my really short skirt, and I was so much taller than the others :S Not to mention our performance. I'm terrible at dancing I simply don't hear the rhythm, and I feel so stupid while doing it. So it's obvious that I messed up on the stage :D and even now I feel embarrassed, but it's okay, actually I enjoyed it :)

We had problems with my GLOWING HAIR as well, but luckily we fixed it just in time. Sadly we didn't win anything, we were a bit dissapointed because we worked awfully lot, but we did a nice photoshoot last week in the Citypark, and I'm happy with the result :) We're still waiting for some other photos, I hope we'll have a nice group picture as well!

Now I need to finish my normal Rapunzel dress and Flynn Rider's vest till spring ;)

Eternal love

It's been almost two months since I posted, but I'm superlazy and now that it's colder I'm always sleepy, so sorry for my absence ^^

Lately I haven't even drawn, not since our Enchanted cosplay which was back in May O_o So now I started to draw again and I finished my first picture just now.

Do you know them? :) They are my all time favourite couple~ and although I really like Peruru as well, but I was soooo in love with Helios when I was little and still watched it in tv *^.^*

My next drawing will be another retro couple, I can't wait to finish that one as well :) They won't be so pink and sparkly, I promise :D

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Now that autumn is here, I had to bring some freshness into my mori-inspired wardrobe :) Actually I don't really like mori-style like the way they usually wear it, but I love some elements of it. Since the weather is colder and the colors are less vibrant in fashion as well, I found some really lovely garments at our local second-hand store and I'm really happy with them! I share with you some of my favourites, not all of them are new, but I love them the most :)

Absolutely my favourite piece! I almost left it in the store because I thought that it looks like a short wedding dress, but I'm happy I didn't! With a nice brown or beige belt on the waist and with floral tights it's just amazing! The sleeves are really loose and ethereal, it looks like an angel dress :)

Nice chiffon blouse with lovely lace details. Sadly my skin doesn't really like chiffon, but it's so nice that I have to wear it anyway :)

I was wearing it with this outfit and I really liked it with this high-waist skirt: lookbook link

It's one of the newest part of my family and I was really surprised that I found something like this in a secondhand shop. It will work very nicely with my lolita wardrobe too! :)

 It's not a new piece in my wardrobe but still my favourite cardigan. I love all the details and the coziness that it gives~~~

I bought it some months ago and I'm still trying to get used to it. It looks so lovely but it's really tight and not so comfortable :( But one day I'll fit in it, and be happy! :D It's the only piece in this post that is not from a secondhand store :)

Absolutely the most interesting piece that I found lately. It seems big but with a belt it's just perfect. I love loose things, they just fly around me :) And there are so many different type of lace on it, it's just perfect!

I hope you enjoyed it and I hope there's more to come soon ;))) Though the weather could be a bit less rainy...