Monday, August 29, 2011

Dance of the Vampires

As it's our last few weeks in Hungary I nagged my bf about seeing the fantastic musical version of the Fearless Vampire Killers by Roman Polanski. That's officially my favourite musical - and you should know that I've seen many :D I was totally in love with the original german version (Michael Kunze & Jim Steinman) for a long time when some years ago a hungarian theatre bought it and made an amazing performance from it with Kentaur's costumes and theatrical scenery. (I chose my profession because of him so you can imagine how good is he... *.*)

This was the 3rd time when I was lucky enough to own a ticket and it was still perfect - although dear Géza Egyházi (as Count Krolock) managed to mess up the lyrics of my favourite song ("Die unstillbare Gier" - "El nem múló vágy") XD But I'm not dissapointed at all, and I'm so happy that my bf also liked it a lot :)

Thanks to Lulu for lending me her dress! I almost never wear red but I think this dress was perfect for this occasion :)

I've already started to search for musicals in Paris :D ...but I haven't found any interesting yet :S Does anyone has any idea?

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