Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas-time once again

As I wrote earlier that on the 25th of December (back than in 2012! :)) I went to Miskolc to visit Mr. Mouse's family and celebrate christmas together as well.

We spent almost a week there, it was nice to be there again after a year. I got some lovely presents there as well! A calendar for me and Mr. Mouse, a ring with the art of Klimt, a beautiful golden notebook with Mucha's painting on the cover (I'm totally in love with Art Nouveau so both are perfect presents for me!) and we also got a reservation to a wellness hotel for 3 days in spring for the whole family, I can't wait, it will be so much fun!

And on the 28th Mr. Mouse had a lanparty with their friends so it was a perfect day to meet Mimi in the city! We spent an hour in a lovely cafe and went to watch the new Les Misérables movie together and I really liked it :)

So all in all the last week of 2012 was really nice! I'm looking forward to my new adventures in 2013 as well! :)

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