Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lovely July

I totally forgot about blog writing... and it has been a month since then! Sorry~ I won't say I'll write about every minute, but there has been some pretty exciting days, so it will be a photo-heavy post :)

We've been to Malta for a week with my friends from the 28th of June till the 5th of July. We celebrated Mr. Mouse's birthday there, I organized a surprise present treasure hunt for him to make his 25th birthday special :) He was really touched :D

The week after that we had a casual-disney-princess party with my closest friends... (my hair is so short now T.T)

...and a little lolita minimeet in a cute café as well :)
On the 20th of July we attended the anime convention in Budapest. I was selling from behind my lovely Garden of Imagination booth (made by Mr. Mouse, painted by me) with the help of one of my best friends, and I really enjoyed working together despite of the heat :) My friend, Vera was wearing lolita for the first time, and I think she enjoyed it, I made her a lovely hairstyle and who doesn't like frilly clothes? :))

In the past month I caught a cold twice, I'm recovering from the second one now, and I'm really angry about it. It's awfully hot in Europe now and I'm catching cold all the time... Since I have to stay at home, I work a lot. I started to work on my new cosplay as well, but the most important is my Garden of Imagination :) And there's a GIVEAWAY on the site!!

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