Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sailor Disney Princesses

Ok, that's a post that I should have written back in september :D So back then when we were cosplaying Giselle and Robert, we met some other cosplayers who were dressed as Steampunk Tinkerbell and her friends. I instantly fell in love with them, and we decided to make a new projekt together: the Sailor Disney Princesses!

At first we were a group of 6, but sadly two girl canceled less than 2 weeks before the convention :( But we decided to do it anyway! Yun as Mulan, Wes as Ariel, Niki as Esmeralda and me as Rapunzel.

The day of the Cosplayer Expo (21/09/2013) was almost a disaster. I felt so fat in my really short skirt, and I was so much taller than the others :S Not to mention our performance. I'm terrible at dancing I simply don't hear the rhythm, and I feel so stupid while doing it. So it's obvious that I messed up on the stage :D and even now I feel embarrassed, but it's okay, actually I enjoyed it :)

We had problems with my GLOWING HAIR as well, but luckily we fixed it just in time. Sadly we didn't win anything, we were a bit dissapointed because we worked awfully lot, but we did a nice photoshoot last week in the Citypark, and I'm happy with the result :) We're still waiting for some other photos, I hope we'll have a nice group picture as well!

Now I need to finish my normal Rapunzel dress and Flynn Rider's vest till spring ;)

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  1. Cute idea! :D Too bad the group wasn't complete, though. I'll be looking forward to more pictures. ^^