Sunday, February 23, 2014


Last Saturday we went to a baroque ball with Mr. Mouse to the Museum of Fine-Arts of Budapest. We got the tickets from my parents for my nameday, and it was lovely :) It was a combined ticket so we could visit the Caravaggio exhibition as well, it was really interesting, and I always love the opportunities when I can talk about art history to Mr. Mouse - who knows literally nothing about it :D (I don't mean to hurt him, I know nothing about the timey-wimey space-thingies that he studied, neither does he need to know everything :))

But anyway the ball was nice, everyone was wearing costumes and there was free champagne and macaron *__* I ate like 6 macarons :D

We accidently ran into Yaka, and we were really happy to meet her there :) She was wearing her lovely AATP dress, so it was nice that I was wearing a lolita blouse and lolita accessories as well :D I made my skirt especially for this occasion, but Gabor was wearing his Enchanted Robert coat and vest. It was perfect for a ball like this, because if you remember, Robert was wearing his for the same kind of ball ;))

They even made a short interview with us so we were in the local news on the next day :) So all in all it was a fun night and I really enjoyed it! Thank you Mum & Dad :)

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