Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lolita twins :D

Emilka's birthday is on the same day as Gigi's (most of my friends are Geminis :D). On that day we were in a restaurant with Nana, Nekohime, Gyöngyvér and of course with one of the birthday girls, Gigi! But it was a week before my final exam on the university so I haven't had time to finish my present for Emilka on time :( I was sad but in the end I thought it's better this way because I want to spend more time colouring it to be as good as I can :) So on Sunday I graduated at last and now I have time to sleep, to go out with my friends, to think about my future - and of course to draw! So here you are your late birthday present, dear Emily <3

We have the same pair of boots from BL (designed by Emily ^__^), the high-waisted Love Nadia skirts in different colours and one of our favourite Pokémons are both Eeveelutions :D Lolitatwiiiiiiins~~~♥

Az angolom miatt nem cikizni, ennyi telik tőlem, azért írtam így, hogy ő is értse, ha már az ő ajándéka~~


  1. Wíí, egy angol szöveg, amit értek^^ Nagyon szép a rajz, tuti, hogy az ajándékozott is örülni fog neki :)

  2. Tök jó~~~ Nagyon cuki rajz. *_* Love Nadia-s szoknyaaa... *_*

  3. So adorable *0* I love the Love Nadia series~ have you met Nadia btw? ^u^ I'm curious since you both won BL contests so you might now know each other~