Saturday, April 20, 2013


Long time no see. Sorry~ But now I'm here and ready to write about our anime convention in Budapest where I was selling my works for the first time!~
Nekohime and me at our stall where we were selling our works. Thanks to Alkyra for the photo! Awesome quality, isn't it?!

On Saturday a lots of cute girls stopped by our stall and bought a lots of things, we really enjoyed the rush. When it became calmer, we went to 'visit' ZombieYanos's stall and talked with Yanos or Zsuzsi :)

Yanos was amazingly cute, as always ;) We took some photo together as well...

...and although the quality is not the best, I still like them~

For the first time I was totally satisfied with my outfit, it was the first real classic lolita coordination that I wore and I really like how it would look the same on a sepia photo as well :D 

Sunday was a much more boring day, there were only a few customer :S But with some extra vip tickets, Mr. Mouse and Lulu could came in and they entertained me :)

With my favourite lolitas~ (although Yanos was lazy and wasn't wearing lolita on Sunday :P)

I was wearing my favourite dress, and I was happy with my whole outfit, my hairstyle looked so much better on me, than the last one with the same JSK. And the colour is so lovely when it's freshly dyed!

All in all it was a successful weekend, I earned some money, and had fun with my friends :) Thank you so much for everyone who stopped by! Can't wait for the next one :)

My little brand if you haven't followed it yet: ~Garden of Imagination~ And there's a giveaway now on the facebook page till the end of April ;)


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