Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sakura Matsuri

On last Saturday we took a little trip to the botanical garden where we usally celebrate the blooming of the cherry trees in this time of the year. Well, usually, because although it was the 'japanese weekend' there, but the trees barely even started blooming yet :S But in spite of that we had fun as always!

My favourite photo of them all is made by Yanos while actually Albert was taking photos of us :D But it's really nice, how it captures that Mr. Mouse looks at me with a tiny bit of love in his eyes~ He doesn't make it too often :D

My whole outfit was based on blue and chocolate brown colors. I know that the bow on my tummy looks weird, but it matches my socks and I wanted to wear a brown lacy cardigan as well, but the weather was too summer-y. That's my new favourite hairstyle as you can see on the previous outfit photos as well, I don't know for how long will it take, but for now, I love it :3

And an interesting photo pairing! Lulu and me in front of the same tree 2 years ago and now. Actually it's hard to compare them, because back then I was blond but I was wearing a wig - and Lulu was wearing a wig now :D But it's funny how we exchanged the colors :D

And some more photos of me. Many thanks for our photographers, especially for Albert who helped me a bit with my camera as well, and took very nice photos of us! :)

Oh, and I almost forgot to post a photo with Yanos, although it's a MUST :D
See you girls next time ;)

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