Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lonely Empress

Lately I didn't have anything on my wishlist. But not so long ago I found this print called 'Elisabeth, the bride of Death' and I fell in love instantly! If you know me, you should know that my favourite thing on Earth is Sissi :D I've read... *counting* ... more than 20 books about her and her relatives' lives. But this AatP dress costs at least 300 USD, so I'm sure I won't have the original, but today I found out that there will be a replica of it and luckily I'm not against replicas :D

Probably I'll order only the fabric because I don't really like a total replicas, but I really enjoy making my own dresses and that way it doesn't seem like an exact copy of the original, only inspired by their work ;)

I can't wait, it will be amazing with my chocolate brown blouse! Till then I should finish my Chess Chocolate replica :D

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