Saturday, June 15, 2013


Omg, I still haven't written about out week-end in Vienna! Sooo... 3 weeks ago my favourite austrian friend, celebrated her 25th birthday and we visited her for 3 days. I've been to Vienna several times, but Mr. Mouse was there only once before. On the first day we did a little tourist trip in the city, and in the evening we had a huge french-style dinner (cheese, grapes, wine, cupcakes!) at Anita's place with her best friends. I really enjoyed meeting so many new friends, they were all really nice, and everyone tryed to talk in english :) After the dinner we took a little walk to the Donauinsel and back.

On the 2nd day we started in the park of Schönbrun, my favourite place in Vienna. We spent some cold but lovely hours there and then came back to the city to meet Mr. Mouse's love from the US, Stefan :) It was a lovely reunion, they fell into each others arm and were shouting "I missed you sooo much" :D The boys went for a beer, while we were shopping a little bit on the Mariahilferstrasse. After a while, we caught each other at the Prater, rode and survived the Black Mamba :D and I also played a huge minigolf match with the guys :) In the evening we went partying with the same friends from the day before + Stefan~

On our last day the 3 of us (Anita, Mr. Mouse and me) went to the castle park of Laxenburg with bus and we spent the day there. It's one of the loveliest place I know! I was wearing lolita and we took some cute photos. In the afternoon we were running to catch the bus back to Vienna, to be in time till our bus back to Budapest :)


I really enjoyed these 3 days, and I hope we will meet again soon sometime in the summer!

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