Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas-time at home

So we have 3 christmas trees at home: one in our livingroom, one in my sister and her husband's livingroom and one in my parents' livingroom. Not to mention the livingroom of Mr. Mouse's parents :)

This year we chose a smaller tree for my parents, but my Dad still had a terrible time to carve the tree into the stand. Next year I guess we'll buy a tall tree, but an artificial one! My Mum loves the real ones and so our cats because of the smell, but there's so much work with it, so it's easier to have a nice artificial tree.

I dressed Ariel to their velvet dress, and now she matches the tree perfectly because we decorated it traditionally with red globes. I made a lots of photos, and this one is my favourite!

I was also wearing my green dress, but sadly we couldn't make a nice photo, I don't really like this one but I wanted to show that we had a nice white chritmas!
After lunch we gave our presents in the livingroom. One of the funniest presents I got is a kitchen torch. Now I can make crème brûlée! :) Actually I think it's a present for Mr. Mouse, not me, because I'm afraid even of lighters, so he will help me with it :)
For my Sis and her husband we made kitchen gloves, a table cloth and pillows for their chairs in the kitchen from the same floral fabric with my Mum. My Sis likes them a lot, luckily her taste and love of classical floral things is really similar to mine :)

The meal was amazing as always, for dinner my Mum experimented with 'pomme duchesse' (flower-formed mashed potatoes) and it turned out perfectly :) And the snow crescent 'rolls' (my grandmother's recipe) were tasty as well~

It was a nice day with my family, we got nice presents and in the evening we watched the first Harry Potter movie and it brought back nice memories :)

The next day we visited my grandparents in Óbuda. Since there are too many family members there isn't enough place for us to eat together, so now we were invited only for the afternoon. We had pastries (bejgli, fruit bread, etc.) and as usually the youngest members of the family handed out the presents that were under the small christmas tree. It's a tradition but it got weird since the youngest is also older than 18 now :) My favourite present from them is a Balmain manicure set, sadly it's a bit too big, but I'll carry it with me from now on.

In the early evening my parents took me to the railway station and I came to Miskolc to visit Mr. Mouse's family!

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