Friday, December 28, 2012

Pre-Christmas with the lolitagirls

At last I have time to write about our christmas lolita meet-up! It's been 2 weeks since then, sorry for the late post! The dress-code was of course something christmassy, so at last I could wear my new Surface Spell dress which is definetly my favourite at the moment, I'm totally in love with the style, the color and with everyhing on this dress! I'd like to dedicate the photos to my lovely Emilka, because I've seen this dress on her photos and when I said I like it, she recommanded it to me~ And although I'm 20cm taller than her, now we could twin ;) I have to thank her that she drew my attention to this JSK! And my Rapunzel doll has a matching dress as well ;)

The meet-up was great, after the photoshooting in the freezing cold on the Square of Roses in front of the church, we stayed in our usual teahouse. We gave presents to our friends and played Secret Santa as well. I was Zsuzsi's secret santa, so it was fun, because she is one of my newest friends, I was happy that I drew her to give a present :)

Some details of my outfit. We always laugh with Lulu at the fact that we never have time to do our nails before a meet-up. Now I had!! :)

And some more photo of me and my friends <3
with Kriszti & Zsuzsi

with the loveliest Lulu!

with NekoHime and Nana in her lovely snowflaked dress~ Totally chritmassy!

Ibu (red tartan) & Kriszti (bittersweet) & Lyona (red×white) & Lulu (black×silver) & me

My favourite photo at the moment! Zsuzsi & Kriszti & Lulu & me.

Love you girls!I hope you had a fun time like me and see you soon! :))


  1. Ahhh, you looked wonderful. I think this is my favorite outfit! I really like how you matched it with golden colors and how nice your hairstyle looks with the dress. Very classic and beautiful.
    I really want to twin with you now!!!!!!!

    1. Awww, thank you! I'm really happy that you like it! It's my favourite as well. Except my hair. I don't really like the hairstyle, it looks that I don't really have hair at all :D but my Sis made it for me and I didn't want to be rude to undo it :) But next time I'll try to make something more georgeus! :)