Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas-time with the loved one

I guess this post is the last one with 'new mexico' tag: Mr. Mouse came home on the 21st!! I still can't believe that he won't go back :) His flight arrived 2 hours late but in the end everything went perfectly. The two families have a lovely dinner together at our place. My mom did her best, the meal was amazing! Juli, Mr. Mouse's 3-years-old niece was supercute, she shouted all the time that 'We are going to the airport!!!' & 'When will he arrive?!?!' :)

On the 22nd we celebrated christmas together since he went home to his parents on the 23rd.  I've never decorated a christmas tree with my boyfriend so it was a really warm feeling, and I was so happy! And our christmas tree is just PERFECT. He brought me Disney princess ornaments from the US, they are amazing! The other ornaments are all silver & white colored so it's not so rainbowy, I really like it that way.
My favourite: Rapunzel & Mr. Mouse's favourite: Perry the platypus
Princess Jasmine Awww, so lovely with the lamp in her hands!
Princess Ariel. Still haven't got used to pink dress with red hair, but she was always my favourite girl.
Snowwhite. I have to tell you that I don't like her :D but the ornaments is sooo lovely with the glittery apple and the shiny dress! It's one of the nicest!
Princess Aurora.
Minnie Mouse in lolita dress and Tinkerbell

As a present I got a little sister for Rapunzel: an Ariel doll from DisneyStore! And a Victoria's Secret lingerie set as well :$ I have to say that I'm impressed that he knew my size! :D Oh, and I got 3 more snowglobes as well! Chicago, New York and Washington DC :) I gave him a new watch (since his old one doesn't work), t-shirt with the Millenium Falcon on it, a tie, and lots of chocolates! :) It was a really rich Christmas :)

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