Monday, November 5, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I was totally exhausted after the photoshooting yesterday, so I decided not to do anything today :D In the morning I watched Lion King 3 - still not the best Disney film, but it was fun, and I was too lazy to do anything else :D

In the evening we went to the cemetery with my mom, it was absolutly beautiful with the thousands of candles! We talked a lot about my grandfather who passed away 7 years ago and it felt so good that there were already a lots of flower and candle on his grave. We still miss him a lot... It was a lovely evening, it's nice sometimes to talk about the ones that we lost. Sad, that's true, but still nice. It started to rain so after we lit a tons of candles in front of the sculpture for the ones who don't have graves, we climbed up to my other grandparents' house and we talked with them for about an hour.

At home I continued to  rewatch the Road to Avonlea series (Oh, the Prince Edward Island... still one of my dream destinations!) and in the mean time I played with my Rapunzel doll :D Now she has a Sissi inpired hairstyle, she only needs a new dress. But next time I guess she'll have a lolita outfit! :) Yes, I feel like a child again and it feels so good!

I think I'm ready for next week!

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