Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sugarshop & Fairytale theme

Thursday is our weekly meeting day with my best friends. Usually we talk in a café for an hour, but this week we went to Sugar!Shop, which is still one of the most loliable places that I've ever seen :)
Sadly I forgot to take a picture of my cake... but you can see Vera's here, it's so lovely! Till last week everything was american themed but now they changed the whole design to Paris-theme! Wiiii~ Sora ordered a pink button-shaped cake called 'Haute couture', and mine was 'La baguette'! :)

The two of us drank a strawberry shake as well, I loved it, and will have another one next time for sure!

And I wanted to share some new photos of my room as well! As you can see on older photos, I changed the design to something really girly, pinkish with flowers. Now I wanted to add some more things to enhance the fairytale theme :D MORE FLOWERS! I had the same flowers in my room in Paris, but sadly they were damaged when I tried to bring them home so I had to order it again, but I really love them, and missed them so much! They were (and once again they ARE) the part of my everday life.

And finally I put the Neuschwanstein poster on the wall that I 'borrowed' from my sis, it's above my bed. And a Disneyland poster! Yep, it's (almost) the same castle :D I got the disney one today on the anime&comicCON for free, yay~ I got two another posters for Mr. Mouse as well, I hope he will like them :)

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