Sunday, November 18, 2012

Craft Lolita Meet-up

Yesterday we had a lolita meet-up in our favourite teahouse 'Gólem Művek'. It was one of the best meet-ups so far! The theme was 'crafting'. Nana taught us to make lovely make-ups, ShiNoHana brought a lot of tea papers and some of us made christmas ornaments like this:

I prepared some christmas ornaments, too. We made them from some fabric left-overs,  ribbons, etc. on styrofoam balls. The others were really good at it too, I think every ornament turned out so lovely!~

So all in all, I had so much fun with the girls, and although we didn't make so much photos as usually, but I hope I can post some of them soon :)

Today was a fun day too, we went shopping with my parents :D I helped my father to buy some new clothes, I really enjoyed it, he always listens to me if it's about fashion ;)

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  1. Oh my, how did you make these lovely flowers? Or what are they called? *-*