Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Angelic Pretty e-mook

AwWWwwww! My drawing is featured in the Angelic Pretty E-mook magazine, YAY! With the hungarian lolita girls we made a cute photo album for Maki and Asuka, and Gigi and Nekohime took it to the AP Teaparty in Paris, and it seems that they like it ;)

And on the cover there's my drawing!

The text is the following:
海の向こうのアリスたちから大好きなAngelic Pretty への贈りもの。


仲良しのみんなで撮りためた、Angelic Pretty を着用したスナップ写真を可愛いアルバムに。リボンやお花でデコったり、手書きコメントを書いたりと愛情たっぷり。

According to my sister's translation it means something like that:

'Wonderful present for Angelic Pretty from lolitas from overseas.

It seams that there are lots of girls abroad who couldn't manage to come to our teaparty and meet our designers, so they made a handmade present for us. We'd like to present it!

A group of friend made a lovely photo album where they all wear Angelic Pretty dresses. They decorated it with ribbons, flowers, and handwritten comments full of love.'

I'm so proud of us, girls ;) And thanks for the photo for ZombieYanos, who discovered us in the magazine, I hope she doesn't mind that I stole them from her blog ;)

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