Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baking with the boys

Oh, I still need to write about my birthday! Sooo, I start with the day before ;)

I was a bit sad that we haven't really celebrated my birthday with my best friends when we met on Friday, although we usually do, so my brother-in-law decided that he will bake a cake for me to cheer me up! Actually it was the best present, that I could watch them making it :D You have to know that he is really talented at making sandwiches and at warming up his deep-frozen pizza - but since my sister is really good at cooking, he never really needed to learn anything else ;) After 5 minutes Mr. Mouse joined the cake baking party, and it was so much fun! My sister said all the instructions, and after that she always screamed "But not like that!" :D I wasn't allowed to help, so I was sitting on the kitchen chair and laughed at them :) I also took some photos:

Actually the cake turned out really good! We took it to the lolita meet-up on Sunday to eat it with the girls ;)
Thank you! I have to say that I love my family!

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