Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hinamatsuri - birthday

My 24th birthday was 2 weeks ago, but we still haven't got the photos of the lolita meet-up, so I decided that I'm going to write about that day without them, and I'll post them later if we get them.

Soooo... with my family we celebrated at lunch. The cake that my mother baked was amazing as always ;) Everybody ate 2 huge slices of it - and it was gone! :)

I got a lots of lovely presents, mostly white homedeco things, a lovely clock (still not on the wall, so no photo), chocolate and haircare creams, because my hair is really damaged and lack of vitamins after winter... :S From my boyfriend I got a lovely bouquet of roses, and I'll get something else as well, but we're still waiting for it, to arrive

After lunch we were preparing for the lolita meet-up with Lulu and Yanos as usually :) My sister joined us as well, and Mr. Mouse took us to our teahouse with car. Yanos's birthday is on the 4th so we celebretad her as well. I hope she likes my presents ;) We also took some photos, they're not the best quality but still something till we get the better pictures ;)

Since my birthday is on Hinamatsuri, we took or favourite dolls as well :) Rapunzel already attended a lolita meet-up, so now I took Ariel and we twinned~ I made her whole outfit 2 days before :)

And I got a lots of wonderful presents! I was really surprised :) Thank you girls (and boys)!


  1. I just have to say Your Ariel twin is adorable.

    1. Thank you! I checked out your Disney blog, and omg, why I haven't been following it?! :D