Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Make-up Love~

I don't care what others say about the new Oz movie, I still love it. I think it's a movie for children (there's not more agression in it than for example in the Disney animations :)) so it's normal if a grown-up doesn't like it, but please except that I'm still a child inside and as my real name is the hungarian version of Dorothy, I can't help it but be in love with everything that is related to Oz!

Sooooo, when we found the new Oz make-up collection of Essence in the 6th Rossman where we searched for it, I had to buy almost the half of it :D They look amazing, and the quality looks really good, but I still have to try all of them ;) The highlighter powder looks absolutely amazing, and I'm eager to try the creme blush! The cracking nail polish won't be my favourite item, but I had to try it once. And the necklace! I know it's plastic and looks a bit cheap, but I couldn't resist, it reminds me of Emerald City

If I had to choose about design, these are absolutely my favourite make-ups at the moment! But if it's about quality, I'd recommend the super cheap but super qualitative NYC eyeshadows! They were on sale, so I had to buy almost all of them in the end :D

From now on I'm not allowed to buy any new make-ups! That's it :D

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