Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Lolita Meet-up

There are few things I should write about that happened before Christmas :) One of them is the Christmas Anime Convention in Budapest and the other one is our Christmas Lolita Meet-up. I'm going to start with the lolita meet-up though the Con happened one day earlier.

On last Sunday we had our annual christmas meet-up, this time in a lovely (but really expensive X_x) café. We were giving presents to our closest friends and we played Secret Santa as well! 2 weeks before the meet-up I got (computer random generator :D) Lilla as the girl for whom I should give a present, and I was really happy, because she is one of the newest girls in the group, and she is amazingly cute *__* On the meet-up she looked like a christmas angel, all cream colored and golden with her huge curly blond hair, so lovely!

I was wearing the same dress that I'll wear for Christmas in the rest of my life since the colorway is so christmassy :D And I made a special headdress with oranges, gingerbreadman and pearls for the event~

There were tables for 4 people, but in the end I shared a table with zombieYanos, Zsuzsi, Ibu, Nekohime, Lyona and Bogi, so the 7 of us were sitting around a tiny table :D But Hungarians have a proverb that 'Many good people can fit in small places'! :)

I took a photo of my presents as well, but I couldn't put the best gift on it! I got a fleece blanket with Disney Princesses on it from Yanos, I'm totally in love with it *____*

All in all, I enjoyed the meet-up and it was fun to meet the girls because between Christmas and New Year's Eve, we probably won't have enough time :( And it was great to start Christmas 10 days before it's actually happening :D


  1. You look so pretty. :) Glad you enjoyed the meet-up. The picture of you with your new blanket is so cute, haha ♥

    1. Hihi, and good quality as well :D I got a Nici snow leopard (I didn't know that it's even exist :D) from my boyfriend, so now my bed will be like a warm cozy dream ^___^ Except that I hate those yellow bedclothes, but luckily we changed it since then :)

      I hope you'll post about your Christmas as well! ^.~

  2. your outfit is so pretty*-* I especially love your hair&accessories.
    nice gifts you got there:33

    1. Thank you :) Hot glue is my best friend, I love doing accessories like that :D

      Yes, perfect presents, the Frozen & Tangled christmas ornaments are already hanging up on my tree *__*