Monday, December 30, 2013

Sailor Disney Princesses Part 2

We finally got the photos of our photoshoot from back in october~ The photographer did a great job, so I won't complain anymore about how long did it take to send them, the photos are really nice :) I show you some of them! My only problem is that we're not really smiling on either of them :( But I still hope you like them! :)

Art inspiration: Drachea Rannak
Photo: Phoenix Feather Works Photograpy
Cosplayers: Yunina as Mulan, Westa as Ariel, Niki as Esmeralda and Elyon (me) as Rapunzel

(We got these two back in October rigth after the photoshoot, so you may have already seen them.)


  1. That's a cool idea actuallyxD sailor princesses. All of you look great. But I still love your cosplay the best*-*

    1. Thank you! Yes, the others were really cute too! :) But my favourite is my ourfit as well because it's Rapunzel *__*

  2. I love that Rapunzel sailor suit!!!! Mulan's sleeves looked so comfortable. Its nice to see Esmeralda getting some love.