Monday, December 23, 2013

Elsa cosplay (Frozen) - Christmas Anime Convention

On the 14th of December we had a big anime/comic convention in Budapest. Usually I'm selling my works on conventions like that but this time, since it's winter themed, I wanted to do a Frozen cosplay. I started to work long before the movie even came out, and I was really excited about it. It was fun to watch the trailers over and over again to get the details, I really enjoyed it, maybe more than I would have if I had more information :)

Let it go~

Let it goooo~

I chose Elsa's coronation dress though I'm more like Anna in personality (and I had to dye my hair to light blond because it was more like golden blond), but since it's winter, I wanted to do Elsa. I'm planning to do Anna as well, but strictly with my Kristoff ;) Sooo, coronation dress. I know that everyone prefers her ice dress, but it's too sexy for me, I guess her personality transformation (letting go :D) just haven't happened with me yet :)

The cold never bothered me anyway~

At around 11 o'clock we had the judging in front of some important people of the cosplay society :D And I was a bit depressed, because they didn't seem to like me - but I should have misunderstood them, because I won the contest in craftmanship 'costume making' category :D I was really surprised, actually I did it only because I love it when people recognise me in nice dresses :D

I won 2 professional photoshoots (one of them is a Special Award and I got that as well :D), one in a studio and the other one is of course in the snow - I'll freeze to death :D But don't misunderstand me, I'm really happy with it! :) And I got some other prizes as well: a ticket for next spring's convention, 2 vouchers for a hobby store (best prize ever! I spend the half of my life there :D), a Kera magazine, a book and some chocolate that I already ate :D

I had a stand for Garden of Imagination as well, so I was selling my works but sadly my table was at the very back of the building so not so many people visitied me... Still it was nice, Lulu and Mr. Mouse helped me a lot so I'm not complaining :)

Fire and Ice - Lulu cosplay as Annie (LoL) and me as Elsa (Frozen)

Queen Elsa and her faithful knight, Mr. Mouse in his cute chess chocolate tie :)

We're going to make the first photoshoot on the 28th, I'm alrady REALLY excited and afraid of it at the same time, I haven't took part in something like this before and I still have to improve my hairstyle - wish me good luck!~

The most beautiful scene ever *T__T*


  1. You look absolutely beautiful as Elsa ♥♥♥

  2. omg Elyon you are the perfect Elsa!!! *___* I personally prefer this dress! And I kinda liked her better before her "transformation" XDD
    But in general I also liked Anna better. She is more like me I think XD
    again..your cosplay is super beautiful;_; I want to cosplay Anna now..but I really don't know how to sew xD

    1. I feel absolutely the same! :) I really don't even know why did I decided to cosplay Elsa except the fact that it's winter (or it should be) :D Ok, I love her, but I'm definetly more Anna as well :)

  3. Nice cosplay! ★-★

    I like lolita too.

    Best wishes for you.

  4. Your dress is stunning. Do you mind me asking where you found it (or did you make it?). My daughter would like one and I'm having trouble finding it for an older girl. Thank you!

  5. I also prefer her coronation dress over her ice dress. The ice dress is a little gaudy for my tastes. The coronation dress is classy and elegant af. You are a gorgeous Queen Elsa!