Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sailor Moon Christmas Art Trade

I hope You have a lovely Christmas! :) Before writing about our tree, celebration and presents, I'd like to show you something else: A bit more than a month ago we agreed with Mimi that we'll do a Sailor Moon-themed art trade for each other for christmas :) I chose Pluto & Chibimoon and she chose Neptune & Saturn as subjects :) And here you are the results:

Mimi's drawing for me~ Isn't it cute? I love them together so much!

And mine for her. I like how Hotaru turned out, but I'm not happy with Michiru, she's simply not like her :S But I hope she likes it for real :)

I haven't done it before but I have to admit that art trade is fun! ...if I have time to draw anything else than kids&animals ;)


  1. both arts are really pretty*-*
    michiru and hotaru are my fave characters:3♥

    1. Thanks ^__^ I really love Hotaru too (especially with ChibiUsa!) but somehow I couldn't forget how mean was Michiru&Haruka to Usagi in the beginning :D I'll be mad at them forever I think :D It's interesting because I've always loved Chibiusa although she was stupid and mean at the beginning as well :D