Saturday, February 2, 2013

Skiing in Austria

We wen't to ski in the middle of January to Nassfeld, Austria. We stayed in the same hause in Tröpolach as 2 years ago, but now in a bigger apartment, because we were with Mr. Mouse's parents and with mine too.

The weather was terrible, the sun wasn't shining (only on Friday when this lovely photo was taken) and it was snowing all the time, but at least there was snow everywhere :)

On Tuesday it was snowing so hard that we couldn't go up to the mountain, but we played a lot in the snow.

On the evenings we played board games and ate a lot :D It was fun, I really enjoyed the whole week, except the last slide on the last day when I fell two times in 20 minutes and after the 2nd one I could barely move my left knee and my neck. But now I'm okay and I'm prepared for skiing next year as well! :)

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