Friday, February 8, 2013

Half-outfit photos I

I started to take photos of my outfits before we went to Paris in the summer of 2011. I never posted them before because I couldn't make a picture of the whole outfit, so I only took photos of my leg, so they're not so nice, but I guess it's enough to show my colorful style - although it changed a lot in the last year :) There are already so many photos in my phone (21 at the moment) that I thought it's time to post them, I hope you like them :)
I'm not going to post all of them today, I'll post some later when life gets boring :)

1. Going to the mall on a rainy day in a casual lolita outfit (06/14/2011)
2. Blue×white×red with Miffy (06/16/2011)
3. Love Nadia still in Budapest (06/16/2011)

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