Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Last week

Last week was really busy. On Tuesday we went to a japanese restaurant with my friends and Mr. Mouse and after a huge meal, the girls went to see the new Anna Karenina movie. I've read the books, seen the musical and every movie adoptations and I'm still in love with it. The theatrical scene was amazing... and the Kitty-Levin couple is still my favourite :) Not to mention Jude Law~ Who would be that crazy to cheat on Jude Law?! :D After the movie, we still talked for about an hour in the McCafe, so all in all it was a lovely and fun day, I really enjoyed it~ :)

The other most eventful day was Thursday, and not really because of Valentine's Day :) Actually it's my Mum's birthday ;) We had lunch at my grandparents', we got some chocolates (me too because my birthday is really close as well, and we don't visit them so often) and a nice perfume :)
In the evening we met with Mr. Mouse and went together to meet my friends in our favourite Comics Shottail Bar :) It was fun as always, I just drank perfectly enough ;)
After we came home, my brother-in-law came up to drink with us a bit more, because he had his final exam on that day, so he wanted to celebrate with us. Congrats to him! Yay!~
Oh, and I got a present for Valentine's Day! Mr. Mouse bought it totally alone, without any help, and I'm really proud of him, it never happened before :)

On Sunday I had a job interview, wish me luck ;) And noooow the new week began!

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