Thursday, February 7, 2013


Yesterday was my nameday. We kind of celebrate it with tiny presents but not a big deal.
On Tuesday we went to the mall with Mr. Mouse and I helped him to choose a little present. I got some flower hair accessories, I really like them, I wanted them for so long!~

And I got a present from myself as well :D I bought a cute jewelry holder and I reorganized my necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Omg, I think I have more than enough :D But I love each of them! Every piece has its own history :)

From my parents I got a huge photo snowglobe. I already printed two photos of us with Mr. Mouse (one from Disneyland Anaheim and the other was taken at our ski trip in Austria) and put them in it, it's so cute :)


  1. Ohh my, you have so much cute jewellery!
    And awww, you new flower hair clips are soo adorable, you got such a nice present hi hi <3

    1. Thank you ^__^
      Yes, I have a tons of colourful jewellery, but as you know, every girl has some favourites, and I barely wear the others, because I always forget about them and then I feel bad about it :D