Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mint and beige collection

As I said earlier in one of my posts, my style changed a lot in the past year. I started to LOVE beige colored things, and I like chocolate brown as well - but of course mint is still my absolute favourite. Today I sorted some of my favourite clothes of this style, and I took some photos of them. Here you are ;)

Socks & tights:
These are my favourite garments for sure, I own more than enough :D I can't wait for spring to come, and wear them with cute skirts or shorts!

Skirts & shorts:
I made the first one in Paris. The mint green is from H&M and the lacy short is from ebay. I have it in black as well, and I really love to wear them under shorter dresses :)

Sweaters & cardigans:

Spring, please come! I want to wear them INSTEAD of my coat, not under it! My favourite is the beige lacy cardigan, I bought it in a secondhand shop, the material is very soft and the lacy details are amazing! I took a photo of the back side as well to show you how nice it is.

The mint cardigan is the newest member of my family :D I bought it on ebay, and I was dancing with it, when I opened the envelope and realized that it's ever more beautiful in real life than it was on the stockphoto :)

Both of them are inherited from my grandmother, but not from the same one! :) The beige blouse is actually too big, but with a skirt on it, it can be really nice.

I have another beige blouse, that I wear very often with lolita outfits, but now it's in the laundry for the lolita meet-up on this week-end :)

The last one is the newest. I bought it in a chinese shop, and It's amazing, the back part of the skirt is longer!~ The first is from Topshop (2nd hand) and the second is from H&M.

Hair accessories:

Flower power :) I don't have anything to say about them, I simply love flowers and bows! I have some others as well, but I couldn't find them now :D

Other accessories:
I'll get the floral bag for my birthday from my Sis and her husband, but I got it earlier. I'm totally in love with it!!~

Actually I've never made a real wardrobe post before, so I'm really excited. What do you think? I hope you like it.

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  1. Ahh, so many cute things <3 everything is so pretty! I'm also looking forward to spring and cute, light clothing instead of coat. Well, yes I love my coat, but I'm wearing it for the last 4 months.
    Can't wait to see your spring outfits <3