Friday, October 12, 2012

Sugarshop and my new room

Yesterday was a loooong day. When I woke up, I started to rearrange my room with my mom's and sister's help. It was really tiring and it felt sooo weird because I spent my whole life in a way too colorful and childish room. I removed all of my posters and printed pictures from the wall, and now it seems so peaceful but a bit empty... Yeah, you know, I really loved Digimon, Pirates of the Carribean, etc, but as I'm 23 years old, it seems a bit odd to sleep in a room with a huge Johnny Depp poster on the wall with tousands of colorful creatures smiling around him :D The only thing that I still love a lot is Detective Conan, but now these anime posters just don't fit in the style of the room, so I removed them as well :S

Afternoon I met with some of my old friends, Mimi, (her friend), Ibu and Mizu and we went to Sugar!Shop which is a hungarian designer pastry shop. I had a Mickey Mouse-shaped 'cake'! Omnomnom~~ *_* It was fun to meet the girl after a long time :)

Today I wanted to finish my room. Well, I did, but there are still some tiny things to do (e.g. I borrowed a Castle Neuschwanstein poster from my sis and I need to hang it). And to take the huge packages to the attic and take out the garbage - and then it will be perfect! I post some photos of how it looks at the moment. It would be nicer if I would use the pink floral bedding  :(

Pink corner of the bed
Grey corner of the bed

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