Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween meet-up

I was (and still am) ill, so we postponed our Halloween party with my friends, but today we had our annual Halloween lolita meet-up, and I felt a little better, so I decided that I shouldn't miss it! :) We got ready together with Lulu and ZombieYanos (lol, you're still Kriszti for me! :)) at our place and my Dad took us to the teahouse (and my Mom took us back). Aww, thank you :) It was so cold today, so I'm happy that we didn't have to walk.

Following the dress-code, we had to wear something unusual. I didn't succeed :D although I borrowed this lovely sailor loli dress from Nana. It's amazingly cute with the little seahorses on it, so it was a perfect outfit change with Nana for my pirate loli skirt for today, thank you! :) But to tell you the truth it wasn't so unusual for me... Sailor lolita style is somewhere between sweet and classic and I wear both of them a lot. And the others were more... hmmm how should I say it... halloween-y! :)

But anyways I really enjoyed it! I met lots of the girls a long time ago, so I was happy being there with them again. I hope I can post some more photos soon. Sadly the batteries in my camera discharged so I took only a few.

Thank you for organizing it, Nana, it was fun as always! And thanks for my parents to help us to get there and back :)

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