Monday, October 1, 2012

Last days of summer

Two days ago we went for a walk in the forest with my lolita friends. I really missed my boyfriend, because he was there on every big lolita meet-up with me in the last 2 years... but actually it was fun! I was happy to meet an old friend, we talked a lot and I hope we will be close friends again :)

Skirt: Petite Étoile (aka handmade by me ;))
Blouse: Bodyline (except the sleeves. They're from taobao - don't remember the brand)
Bows: H&M
Hat: Petite Étoile
Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (Pony in Sweet Dreams)
Shoes: Claire's

I especially loved my skirt, because I bought the fabric back then in the USA. It was fun to sew it, and I really enjoyed to make the little buttons on the front as well :D I'm really happy that I partly turned into a classic lolita, I always felt so uncomfortable in too sweet clothes... I know it suits me because of my long light hair and stupid but happy smile (:D), but I prefer classic! I also want to try the sailor style, and I hope I can make a nice outfit for Halloween if Nana helps me ;)

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