Sunday, October 14, 2012

BEST weekend since I came home

Best weekend with my bestie :) (the urban dictionary explanation is so funny, click on the word 'bestie' :)) I have to admit that these were the first days when I was totally happy all day and I just didn't have time to miss my boyfriend like I usually do.

It all started on Thursday evening, when I found a post on Facebook about a cookie&cuteness themed catwalk, and we made a last minute entry online with Lulu. We got in, and spent the whole Saturday morning preparing for the contest in our sweetest lolita outfits! :) We were really excited about the event, and it was worth the effort because WE WON the 2nd prize!! Approximately 100-110 Euros in shopping vouchers to every hungarian H&M and Deichmann stores :) We were so surprised when they said that two girls won together - and we immediately knew, that we are the two girls together :D It was so much fun! And we won even a free cake and drink as well! :)

We came home still stunned about how they loved our outfit although in Budapest people usually say evil things about lolita - and we made some photos in our garden with the help of my sis. I really missed this blue dress since I sold it to Lulu, so I was really happy that she lent it to me, thank you! :)

We were really tired so we made a coffee for ourselves and we watched the latest Big Bang Theory episode while drinking the coffee, I really enjoyed it together :) After that we were talking till late, so we decided that Lulu will sleep at our place, it was like when we were teenagers! :)

In the morning we decided that we will try to spend our prize :D Lulu was successful in H&M and I bought a lovely blue bag in Deichmann. Even my mom said that she wants to borrow it sometimes :D

For the first time in our lives I guess we were at the right place, on the right time ;) *Luckyyy*

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