Thursday, October 25, 2012

Before a busy weekend

On Monday I went to roller skate with my best friend from primary school :) We live very close to each other again, yay! After rollerskating, we sat down on their stairs and talked for hours. It was fun, and I'm happy that we met again, but actually it wasn't a good idea... it was freezing cold, and for the next day I got fever and since then I'm dying from a cold :D But I said that I'll post something happier, so forget about my cold! :)

I was working in the past few days to get ready for my photoshooting, and I'm happy with the result - but there's still so much to do. But today I'll go to the city at last! I have a rendez-vous with some of my friends ;) I hope I won't infect them, I'm a biological weapon :D

And it will be a busy weekend too! We'll have a Halloween party on Saturday, and a lolita meet-up on Sunday! Tonight I'll plan my outfits~~ I'm so excited :)

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