Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday in the city

Yesterday was a fun day - but my legs still hurt. :) At first I went to school. Yep, me. To school.  :) I was talking with a fashion designer class about my adventures and experiences in Paris and showed them my graduation work and diploma thesis. I really enjoyed it (as I always enjoy when I can talk about my life :D) and they were really interested and curious.

After that I met with Nekohime, it was fun, we met for the last time ages ago! We went for a little girly shopping and had lunch in a KFC. I bought a chocolate brown dress (to match my lovely brown hiking boots) and a long blue cardigan with white stripes, yaaay ^_^ I know that I should stop shopping, but it makes me happy while I'm waiting for my boyfriend... please come back soon, I really need you! :)

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